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What's the use of suing people if they dont sue Josie? 🙄
@quechingonaputo necesito alcohol en mi sistema ya.
Take legal action to Josie @HERMlCDROP!
RT @RebeccaSeals: you can call me your...other mother🗝
RT @eternallyfuct: How am I supposed to stay hydrated when I keep crying it out
RT @m_4se: constantly reminding myself that i don’t have to deal w anything i don’t want to.
@josie_kingerlee @to0hi2c @jorgiefleming Walked in like what the actual fuck
RT @damn_lui: assuming that every guy is lying about everything so u won’t be surprised when they actually do is a power move
RT @muglerize: star and moon headpieces by shaun leane @ alexander mcqueen “in memory of elizabeth howe, salem, 1692” fw07
У меня начинает кровоточить мозг, когда людям (особенно киевлянам) кидаешь место на карте, а они такие "та я ж не р…
@SharonSki666 @BellaFlokarti I don’t believe I just did as you suggest. Yes, very similar mouth movement. However,…
@josie_ll Amiga quiérete y cuídate
RT @xforcades2: me: *breathing just fine* person: *lights a cigarette* me being extra to make them feel guilty:
Did she not learn anything about him, during the time they spent together? Josie’s should know he’s got the…
Go to the extra trouble today to fully document a transaction ... More for Libra
RT @GizellFlores: in need of a FAT smoke sesh right now 😓
RT @LORAFRIMANEE: 13 Reasons Cast: Hannah Baker is a thot Clay:
My dogs names are Josephine & Edie... I call Josie: Bean Josie bean J bean Bean queen Bebe Snek Princess farty…
RT @jolankookie07: Nilalakad si maymay to walk in an international fashion show in arabia. Pag nangyari un FIRST FILIPINA TO WALK in t…
RT @ohyeahitsjustmw: Luuuuuuh nagvideocall agad, para ng di magkikita bukas. Di na talaga kaya ng magkahiwalay #DreamTourCEBUgmaNa…