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Neurosurgeon Dr. Edison McDaniels gets into your head w/ either pen or scalpel. #airportliving
I've only blessed Austin once with these turntables 😩 I'm making it out there next semester watch
RT @News12BX: Hip-hop legend D.M.C. visits Bronx community center
Texas way too big of a state for none of us to support each other
Fat and Keep Up the big homies.. nothing but love and respect for them #OnMe
@MCKeepUp 💯.. we going to work 👌🏾
you know i fuck with you. @dj_mcdaniels you put me and fat on something out there we got you. we already put you on out here last year
@MCKeepUp put me on a party 👀😂😂😂 Yal niggas be safe this week boyo
Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels on moving stands during this year's hunt! #GanderGuides #Entry -
JJ Hairston & YP @JJ_Hairston - After This featuring Bishop Eric MCdaniels #NowPlaying
@mpotter74 @DerekNBCSD @RichMiron McDaniels learned a lot from his failures, his dad was a coach, I think he'll be better in his 2nd go
#Denver #Broncos The Greatest Franchise in Sports History if you disagree your probably a Patriots fan but yall ain…
@DerekNBCSD @mpotter74 @RichMiron @PickinBolts I agree with you, Derek. McDaniels isn't the answer.
Now playing Gene McDaniels - Chip Chip on Tunedex Memories
@DerekNBCSD @mpotter74 @PickinBolts That's an interesting take on McDaniels. He was flop in Denver, but he'll get another shot soon.
@mpotter74 @RichMiron @PickinBolts McDaniels is McCoy 2.0. Doesn't have the mentality to be an NFL head coach.
@DerekNBCSD @RichMiron @PickinBolts I say yes on Harbaugh as well. And Eff No on the others. Especially McDaniels.
@RichMiron @DerekNBCSD Yes on Josh McDaniels, no to Saban & Harbaugh...also check Shaw & Herman.
@DerekNBCSD If I'm Spanos my first 3 calls are Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer. If told no, call Josh McDaniels. Bet it's Whiz though.
RT @clutchfans: KJ McDaniels stuffs Wesley Matthews at the basket.
@ChicagoBears Should see if they can trade NE for Garappolo or Brissett AND McDaniels as OC....