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6h Montgomery, Powys: Temp. 16.7 °C, Hum. 99 %, Bar. 1001.5 hPa, Rain 7.2 mm, Wind 2.2 mph S #Weathercloud
RT @MgmDemocrats: Please plan to attend our meeting on Monday, October 15, 5:30 p.m. in the Montgomery Election Center, 125 Washingto…
"It means that while celebrating Field Marshal Montgomery, students would have to know a little something about Bri…
#Montgomery #Alabama Oct 13 00:53 Temperature 60°F overcast Humidity 90% ..
@WiscoSportsGuy1 So I said they lost? Lol I said they’d win in 6. What hurts you about that?
RT @JimmieAllen: @LNG597 @MatchboxTwenty Kane Brown, Michael Jackson, Keith Urban, Shania Twain, Montgomery Gentry
@montgomery_sean and you keep replying even though you lost the argument 🤔
@montgomery_sean Not as awful as that God-forsaken face of yours. Oof
@montgomery_sean Who cares if the Dodgers had 4 errors and lost by 1, an L is an L 1982, if you didn’t know, I wou…
@flyricebeats and you liked your own tweet
@flyricebeats your beats are awful lol
@montgomery_sean Unlike you, I don't care about followers😂
RT @MissingKids: #MISSING! Brianna's photo has been age-progressed to 29 years.  She was last seen at the Black Lantern Restaurant i…
@montgomery_sean Thanks! Somebody so triggered they need to look at my profile to poke fun! How mature!
RT @sapphicpaulson: Madison was the ugly baby dr Montgomery put back together
@flyricebeats glad your 7 followers witnessed that genius tweet
RT @alyciasjane: the highlight of the episode: MADISON MONTGOMERY AND ZOE BENSON DANCING LIKE GIRLFRIENDS.
@montgomery_sean "Help yourself sleep at night" - Wow great 4th grade insult! You a hawks fan? No wonder why you do…
@montgomery_sean @flyricebeats doesn't matter what kind of fan you are. L
@flyricebeats your beats suck too btw
@WiscoSportsGuy1 So I’m a Dodgers fan now? Oh okay. Didn’t know that. Let me know the last time the Brewers made it to the WS.
RT @rgpoulussen: #OTD in 1944. Montgomery and a prominent guest. #WW2 #HISTORY
#OTD in 1944. Montgomery and a prominent guest. #WW2 #HISTORY