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The Adorable Afterthought of Jon Gosselin
Oh nooooo I looked up Jon Gosselin on instagram
Hello! My name is Jon Gosselin. You killed my operating engineer. Prepare to die.
Jon Gosselin gets temporary sole custody of son Collin after Kate Gosselin misses court #FoxNews
RT @usweekly: Jon Gosselin and his kids were all smiles on Christmas!
RT @usweekly: All smiles! Jon Gosselin spent Christmas with kids Hannah and Collin following custody case.
It's like Oliphant meets Jon Gosselin meets suprematism.
Jon Gosselin Rings in the New Year With His Son Collin and Daughter Hannah
everyone knows Jon Gosselin is a good wrestler
@bader_diedrich @Ashtopia1 So this is where Jon Gosselin has been
Jon Gosselin on The Wendy Williams Show via @YouTube
@deitchcsn As far as I know, Jon Gosselin is selling trailers in Johnstown
We need more Asian-American celebrities so I don’t get Jon Gosselin as a celebrity lookalike. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
One of my most vivid memories is from middle school when i first found out that Jon Gosselin cheated on Kate. Fucking brutal, mate.
Oh good ( Jon Gosselin is a male #stripper now.
Jon Gosselin gets temporary sole custody of son Collin after Kate Gosselin misses court #FoxNews
Chuck Schumer: Democrats will do to deserve Jon Gosselin, the male gunman, the other person dead at #MPHS shooting…
Tactless correctional treatment specialist Jasmine Patel talks with celebrity guest Jon Gosselin about the absorbin…
Jon Gosselin Wins Sole Custody Of Son After Kate Misses Court Date
RT @enews: Jon Gosselin rang in the New Year with his kids Collin and Hannah.
Jon Gosselin Rings In Think New Year With His Children Collin And Hannah
RT @A1ouette: Collin Gosselin looks happy and loved. Well done Jon Gosselin.
Jon Gosselin's New Family Photos Have Fans Thrilled Collin Is Home
Jon Gosselin shares happy family New Year's photo with son Collin @DailyMailCeleb
Jon Gosselin to Kate: I've Got Our Kids! Sucks for You!