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RT @quisblake: If u don’t wanna fwm just say dat don’t b on no acting shit
RT @maceo: every nigga gone teach you something love. either they gone teach you how a lady suppose to be treated, or how you…
昨日、久しぶりに第一次世界大戦に行ってきたんだけどやっぱ下手でも銃を持ってドンパチするゲーム面白いし、第二次世界大戦も参戦しようかとも思うけど15日からステイツの再生に向けて動かなきゃならん! 14日でドラクエ課金切れるついでにカッキーン☆彡.。しようかなぁ?
@DQXChiaki 広場非公開でフレンド申請とか怖くてスルー案件ですわぁ。
RT @x_KarmaKazi: Since I never post pictures 🥰🥳
Job me really soon , please 😩🤑✨
3 dings result Selside Death and taxes Dolly Parton Jolene #3dings
@amberbellxo1 @laxton_lexi @lauren_mckk @jolene__x the other night this was u for like 5 mins i had a breakdown😂
RT @photaters: Jealousy: Provocateur or giant asshole? Here's are my thoughts for @TheGabberish, new issue out today:
RT @CuteEmergency: RT if a dog has positively Impacted your life.
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@JoleneOK @ShiiineOn_ Your fans expect because you never let them down Queen Jolene.
RT @nafeezi: Boko Haram are killing Northerners in the Northeast Bandits are killing Northerners in the Northwest Ethnic mil…
RT @SawabCenterEN: Many of the happiest moments of our childhood involve our friends. Pull your friends up when they are down, and br…
RT @sm0keyqtz: @AsawaeOfAsh I always have trouble understanding this because I don’t avoid the sun, don’t eat junk, exercise, work…
RT @AsawaeOfAsh: Depression is a choice. Now, before you pissed, I’ll explain. 99% of “depressed” people CHOOSE to: • Avoid the s…