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Odio cuando a la gente se le ocurren cosas increíbles antes que a mí.
@_autumnkayy He’s amazing! You a J.D McPherson fan too? If not you should check him out
@Jolene_Brody More so a proclamation of my love for this man 😹
RT @CollinCountyMag: Plano Clark High School 70s Music ‘Jolene’
@CateGuthleben No only teasing! I would welcome 'real' Jolene any time.... #thearchers
@Tavisknoyle1 Someone has got to do it 😪😪
@johnjohn21 All I meant was Jolene in the bar, just to break it up a bit #thearchers
Don't stress too much about ordering flower girl dresses months in advance - we understand how FAST kids grow! We…
The world is actually gone mad, I appreciate that we’re so much more aware these days but I just saw a debate how w…
@bananalise Guy Fieri is a twice divorced 46 year old mom of two on a weekend in Nash Vegas. Who knew? And damn, J…
Kevin Gilmartin Jolene Nel Nico Nel Ruard Nel
#thearchers Alistair: 'Thanks Jolene.' David: 'What!? It's Jolene too, now??'
That song is in my head.. Jolene, jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeeeeeheeen🎵 wtf lol
Jolene ain’t shit compared to u
@Jolene_dqx あ、そーなんすね。基本ゆうかんにふりまくりでまもと合わせて両手剣上げてく感じなのかな?