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@nate_weir @WPIAL_Insider no one earns the right to be cocky??? You learned from tje wrong people bro!!
weir still babies n that way. put some basic outdoors folde out chairs n sink n em with dogse
[Resensi Buku] The Martian by Andy Weir @Gramedia
Oh my lau weir r u? Aai istil remember wen vee ciss for da fist taime ,u baited my lip. Mai lau I'm eur gol… — What
Doctor Strange is Cumberbatch’s weirdest role yet via @BBC_Culture
me: *consistently underperforms* me: hm, why is everyone so disappointed in me always, thats so weir
Alison Weir Biased media on Israeli-Palestinian conflict: 1 #gaza #palestine #israel #BDS
RT @TweetLikeAGirI: today marks 8 years since High School Musical 3 Senior Year came out
#Indians column: You can't appreciate where you are until you realize where you've been. #WorldSeries
@ccline_9 @WPIAL_Insider Cocky? WPIAL has earned the right to be named the best District in the state. Look at all the pros and NCAA studs
And I already told my mom and dad they knew about it and they don't really care, they know we're good drivers and trust me so fuck off :)
RT @Carhartt: We're excited to introduce the @ChevyTrucks #Silverado 2500HD Carhartt Concept! #SilveradoStrong
Lol @ all these tweets about me Shae and Olivia when I wasn't driving olivia was and she wasnt drinking. Good thing yous know better than me
[ 반숙 계란과 베이컨에 베이글. 홍차는 다즐링으로 부탁하지. ]
RT @hanandersonx: Scottish accent voted second most sexiest in the world HAHAHAHA what
The Weir Group PLC (UK) - Result of Elections of Scrip Dividend Scheme
Weir Roto-Jet RO-FT API 610 Pumps serve refining, petrochemical, chem processing. Free info:
RT @PrefecturGuayas: Pocos cupos para clasificación en la Copa Guayas Weir 2016 ⚽️>>
RT @Lalnation: Teacher: 'So is everyone clear now on what a homophone is?' Kids: 'Know. Weir. Knot!' [High five each other to death]