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RT @DeathThreatArmy: “Weaponized” Alex Weir is available for bookings! #Wrestling #prowrestling #DeathThreatArmy #DTA #AbovetheRest
@onlinepresent @CP24 Pardon me, you are a resident not a business owner. You can say yes all you like "We" weir not…
Right Ollie weir with a nose ring ⬇️
RT @NaturesBeautiii: @SurreyAmps If only @FlintshireCC showed the same care & compassion for the Cygnets & Swans at Greenfield Heritage…
RT @AdelAliBinAli: الظالم بما ظلم والشامّت بما شمت والمسيء بما اساء لاتحزن وربك اعدل العادلين
🎧 Overheard in the Studio 🎶 #BobWeirAndWolfBros 🐺 3/2/19 The Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, Connecticut 💙⚡️❤️ #music
Melingriffith and Pentyrch Railway (near the Radyr Weir)
Check out Hudson River School original oil painting John Ferguson Weir 1887 J W French VG via @eBay
RT @NituPerez: Si lo tienen o saben dónde encontrarlo este es el contacto: Efrén. 04165374345
RT @KioraKelly: Sis if you're reading this,you're going to be a successful black woman 👏
@Glenavon_FC Are they gonna be on sell outside of windor on the day? I'm unable to buy it during the weir
@morrisonskye_ Yum the way it should be
@adelle_weir naw cause it all melts n is soft
RT @YourRiverBrent: 53 bags! Super work & camaraderie #GurnellGreenfordGreenwayers Removing litter on newly opened up river by…
@adelle_weir pedo behaviour puttin it in the cupboard
@morrisonskye_ Anything that is served on a shelf should stay out the fridge
RT @OnePerfectShot: THE TRUMAN SHOW (1998) Cinematography by Peter Biziou Directed by Peter Weir It's on our list of great movies abou…
Fred Weir: Militaristic and anti-democratic, Ukraine’s far-right bides its time
@BetterThanToday Is this cos you never make it to the end of one to find out? 😉
@adelle_weir who keeps chocolate in a drawer, defo needs to be in the fridge