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@thee_expedition or a mudda fuckin rat race baby get that Chee$E Johnny tsunami get dat chedda
Have you heard ‘Oliver ~ JOHNNY TSUNAMI (VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION)’ by @oliverxfrancis on #SoundCloud? #np
RT @Austin_Escalera: Johnny Tsunami is the movie👌🏽
Listen to JOHNNY TSUNAMI by Oliver Francis #np on #SoundCloud
@SilenceB97 Lmao i got you bro these fools are going to sweat even more we playing Johnny tsunami lmfaoo
i can't believe i forgot about johnny tsunami
Johnny Tsunami is the movie👌🏽
RT @annaesss: Just genuinely lol'd at a scene from 'Johnny Tsunami' ... Idk anymore
Just genuinely lol'd at a scene from 'Johnny Tsunami' ... Idk anymore
DLUTB was super cheesy but still good and I also watch Johnny Tsunami today. just amazing.
Hollywood needs to remake Johnny tsunami
Just realized my appreciation for @HighCastleTV's @CHTOfficial runs crazy Disney Channel's Johnny Tsunami
I just found Johnny Tsunami on my DVR. 😎
I got the Johnny Tsunami sleep patterns
don't forget about Johnny tsunami
Got off work and watched Johnny Tsunami... Dudes still a shredder
Yard house with Johnny Tsunami 🍻
Ever since I watched Johnny Tsunami as a youngin, my mom has called me Pono lmao. #TrueFact
I want to watch Johnny Tsunami.
I threw a little throwback into the night and watched Johnny Tsunami. Reliving my childhood! So corny but so awesome!
@rayajalabi brink or Johnny tsunami?
Hey everyone this is my friend Johnny Tsunami. She's real pretty 😍 @giannadepalma
RT @resmilli_: •new music•AK-47 Written. @resmilli_ Prod. @CamGotHits Art. @amberthepark "Johnny Tsunami, Im riding that WAV" 🔥