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@Brento_Bento 5. gyro and johnny's bonding moments. all of them 6. p much any scene with gappy and yasuho these were in no particular order
RT @lionzmuzik: If your girl don't support your music you need to get a new one... Or you trash 🚮💯
RT @johnnyengschool: Get off high horse = ถ่อมตน อ.มั่นใจในความหล่อ แต่ก็ขอถ่อมตัวต่อหน้าสื่อบ้างครับ 170119 #SMA2017 #JOHNNY #NCT127 📷:…
RT @johnnyengschool: Pills = ยา(ชนิดเม็ด) ยกตัวอย่าง sleeping pills = ยานอนหลับนะครับ 170116 #ISAC2017 #JOHNNY #NCT127 📷:AFTERGLOW
RT @FakeSportsCentr: Being a backup QB on the Las Vegas Raiders is the perfect fit for Johnny Manziel.
RT @DEOT_0201: 젝키선배님들 무대 보는 도영이랑 영호💛 꽃가루 날릴때 선녀옷 숨긴 나무꾼 마음 충분히 이해함😋 #NCT127 #DOYOUNG #JOHNNY
RT @SRKUniverse: "It has a message. Entertainment. Everything. Bohot zabardast movie hai" Johnny Lever about #RAEES Video via…
RT @inperilous1: @ShellyKennisto1 @Deplorabes What ya wanna bet Johnny's mom and dad get a visit from DCFS
RT @WORLDSTAR: Me: One day shipping? Amazon: Say no more fam.
RT @johnnyengschool: Among = ท่ามกลาง เช่น among the crowd = ท่ามกลางผู้คน all I see is you = ผมเห็นแต่เพียงคุณ ครับ 170119 #JOHNNY…
RT @velvet_rope: *Manipulative Johnny Depp, at complicit awards show, thanks fans for forgetting he beat his ex-wife
@srtlannister isso acontece quando os ícones sensatos se encontram pra louvar o grande todo poderoso Johnny Hooker…
RT @InsanseThought: i want you to want me like i want you