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RT @ot21pics: 190426 Taeyong Haechan & Johnny for ViVi Magazine 💚
RT @cutestsundere: Nct 127's fav character of DC/Marvel Haechan : Joker Taeil : Spiderman Yuta : Ironman Jungwoo : Hulk Jaehyun : Ba…
@AlexandreCust14 Compensa muito ver não só a abertura, mas o anime tbm... Nunca vi não, mas eu sempre quis assistir, inclusive
I just don’t think I could go see Dance Gavin Dance without Johnny Craig. That ain’t right.
Jaehyun and Johnny probably went thought a tough time during BvS. I wonder if they liked the infamous Martha twist
RT @nabelaws: — Who has the best variety sense among the members? Johnny: Beside me, it's Yuta, isn't it? (laugh) Taeyong: Yuta h…
RT @NCT_OFFICIAL_JP: NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album ‘Awaken’ Jacket Making #JOHNNY #NCT #NCT127 #ジャニー
@amoreNGY_sana さすが謎大き女🐳 さっぱりわからん┐( ∵ )┌
RT @nabelaws: — The album title <Awaken> has a theme, "look at yourself again, discover your new self, and awake". which member t…
ジョニー・デップに新恋人か 噂のお相手はロシア出身の妖艶美女
RT @Loudwindow: Any character meeting a clone of themselves: Oh..? An evil twin..? Perhaps an EVIL robot..? Only one of us will wal…
RT @MermateSammey: I heard Johnny Depp is dating a coffee bag named Leonard.
RT @btoeeiii: โดยองกับ 🐰💚 J J = Johnny ☑️ J= Jungwoo ☑️ J = Jeno ☑️ J = JaeHyun 404 not found ❌
@Johnny_Blaze17 Have to hear this though: Historically, the Giants have never drafted a Black QB ever 😂😂😭. It wil…
RT @GENeesback: on this day let me remind u that johnny and sehun used to look like this
RT @taisukekmftkana: ジャニーズ事務所公式サイト「Johnny's net」