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@JohnRobicsHair IKR?? He is crazy good!! I'm ready to do the John Wall Dance!!
Somebody, quick! Get me a gif of John Wall doing his dance but with De'Aaron Fox's face on his body.
New floral Wall Art "Delphinium Chalk Dance" by John Williams #flowers #wallart #prints
New floral Wall Art "Delphinium Chalk Dance" by John Williams #flowers #wallart #photo
I'm a huge Kentucky fan. So when there was a chance to do the John Wall dance, I went into cha #JoshHopkins #quotes
Lmao can't believe my drunk ass battled John Wall in a dance contest 😂
..Do it for the city and we do it for the ball like wall boy you gotta do the dance! Everybody do the John Wall;) .
John Wall on set today. I did the arm dance for him. He laughed. Then HR walked me to the car.
Doing the John Wall dance always brings back good memories
Its like he caught the ball and a fan said "Andrew, please show me the dance from the 2011 hit by Troop 41 'Do The John Wall'" and he did it
They forgot John Wall had his own dance 💪🏾
Two person John Wall dance party in 221.
Listen to 08 John Wall Dance by P.D.G MuSic #np on #soundcloud
The dab is probably the easiest dance since the "John Wall"
Gotta do a John Wall dance/stretch as soon as I wake up
John Wall's dance moves makes my heart swoon 😍 #nba #johnwall #sweetmoves
John Wall despilfarró 42 mil dólares en un table dance al lanzar billetes por los aires 💸💸💸
@rayjr0834 do the john wall dance.. lol
John Wall and DeJuan Blair's pregame dance is ... something.