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RT @yutaxgat: ▴ 𓏼 𓄼 ⌷ ✩ 🗻 ۰ CHESTNUT ۰ 🎬 ♡ ⌷ 𓄹 𓏼 ▴ 𖧡 ॱ 𖦹 𐬹 𓎺 ⌖ 𓍹 19 〰️ 95𓍻 ⌖ 𓎺 𐬹 𖦹 ॱ 𖧡 𓍲 𐬹 𓏤 𓏏 ˌ 𐩘 𓏙 𓈀 🎼 𓈀 𓏙 ˌ 𐩘 𓏏 𓏤 𐬹 𓍲
I accuse Mile. Chestnut of committing the crime in the in the night with the revolver!
@WECPS_Chestnut @WECPS_Chestnut is this still happening as most parents are unaware as it hasn’t been sent on school app x
서번트들 주휴수당은 받고 일하는거 맞니..?
we don’t need people who 1. Litter & 2. Listen to Kenny chestnut or whoever tf he is
서번트들도 잘 생각해보면 공무원같은거 아닐까.. 소환될때마다 불려가서 고충처리하고(성배전쟁 우승, 우승시 성배라는 이름의 상여금 지급) 진상민원 만나면 멘탈 너덜너덜해지고...(길가제외^^,,)
Now Playing "Brotherly Love" by The Chestnut Brothers #PositiveMusic #FamilySafe
Chestnut paling used to encourage sand dune creation and natural sea defences along Swansea Bay #swanseabay #beach
@guardian Ah thatbold chestnut. It's quite an EU speciality at this point. Keep voting until you get the result wanted.
RT @playdb: 옥주현 20주년 음악회 성료 “앞으로도 좋은 무대로 보답할 것”
@BBCGaryR An area of unspoiled natural beauty in Scotland & again the old chestnut of bringing needed jobs to the place! Not so sure.
RT @yutaxgat: ▴ 𓏼 𓄼 ⌷ ✩ 🗻 ۰ CHESTNUT ۰ 🎬 ♡ ⌷ 𓄹 𓏼 ▴ 𖧡 ॱ 𖦹 𐬹 𓎺 ⌖ 𓍹 19 〰️ 95𓍻 ⌖ 𓎺 𐬹 𖦹 ॱ 𖧡 𓍲 𐬹 𓏤 𓏏 ˌ 𐩘 𓏙 𓈀 🎼 𓈀 𓏙 ˌ 𐩘 𓏏 𓏤 𐬹 𓍲
RT @LorenzoLopezMer: @Casey_Clemmons @chestnut_daniel @JamesComeyFBI James Comey didn't listen to HRC,shame on incompetent FBI GOP partsn
누가 내 ㅅㅣ계만 느리게 가게 해놨나
다섯시 됐을 것 같아. 지금이 다섯시가 아닐리 없다. 하면서 시계봤는데 네시도 안됐어.. 시계 고장난줄 알고 폰으로도 확인했는데 세시 십육분이야..
@haringeycouncil Just to let you known that the travellers have come to Chestnut Park. Lock broken again at BlackBoy Lane end of Park.
@chestnut_Gonza 勿論!絵も渡していい?
RT @dalcompany2013: [용의자 X의 헌신] 한 장 인터뷰 5탄 📃 듣는 사람들의 마음까지 맑게 만드는 청아한 목소리의 #지유야스코 와 함께한 SNS 한 장 인터뷰 5탄! ✨ 지금 확인해보세요~! 😃 *인터뷰 내용 중 작품…
RT @solornbalbum: ksoo: I also dont know that my hair was cut that short WHAT DO U MEAN BY U DONT KNOW???WE EVEN SAW UR SCALP AND THE CHESTNUT HEAD
hobi is a little teeny ᶜʰᵉˢᵗⁿᵘᵗ