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RT @KeirethLoL: @KuentinLoL sabes que no. Una partida de Cait vs Cait a las muy malas tiene 3 veces menos duración xD
RT @TeamUSA: Nathan Chen is taking small steps & quad leaps toward #TeamUSA history! ⛸ 📰
ugh nathan is so cute why am i so psycho
@nytimes yay !!! as expected , people won !!
RT @shannon_hausen: 😙😋😍His smile ,the scruff and his big heart his sense of humor and those Ruggedly good looks.This guy has it all#Tea…
@ElPrezAU Nathan, are you saying you've got that spooge like Jagger?
RT @limen2016: Shifting States @espaciogallery till 11Dec #londonart #contemporaryart @maureen_nathan
RT @BestOfJCoIe: Is this shit fire?🔥 RT for yes. Like for yes.
Tonight's first drink FREE list is as follows: Alana Ryan Naomi Toth Laura Kate Sammy Mitchell Nathan Olver Tom...
RT @shannon_hausen: Hottie of the month bicep porn alert 😗😍Nathan is always my man crush I'm so grateful for him #Team Fillion #ONFD
RT @tatianaalicasas: So many wonder how's nathan doing in Iowa... well here ya go
RT @ConstructionYT: 'We need the right skills to deliver the UK's Infrastructure mega-projects' says Nathan Baker @ICE_engineers #buildinglive @BuildingLive
RT @garbage_can_dan: anybody else trynna figure out how the hell he's gonna brjng that dog around without dropping it
@nathan_vincent2 we got this. we can get through it and everything will work out💪🏽😌💕
I took my mum to go see a semi-pro rendition of Guys and Dolls and in this scene Nathan Detroit rolled the dice off the stage accidentally
RT @TravisGafford: When you lose the 1v1 to a player you just said you'd never heard of before. #AllStar2016
A life spent in constant labor is a life wasted, save a man b... #GeorgeJeanNathan #quotations
@pocahri depends when but I believed this friend of yours was of the other variation lmao