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RT @KennethBosak: With @BchainEconomics CEO of @TokesPlatform at @HydeBellagio and @nathan_hauk + @chicomike215 VIP treatment brought…
@nathan_gordon17 happy 21st ya pua egg hope you have the best day 🎉🍻xx
Football needs to come back faster
Désolé tout le monde mais le retour d'Ambrose est un immense échec.
RT @CWRyder: Best football club in the world
My wife and I will be bringing our son, Nathan, to Gettysburg College next week for his first year of college. We…
RT @mixermanagement: Not Long To Go Until #LM5 Era Kicks Off! Whos Ready??? @LittleMix -Nathan #MTVHottest little mix
hala naiwa ko cellphone ko nathan :< saan? sa scol mo? opo huhu dapat kase wag iwan sa ma'am mo ay bobo -- ANOOOO!!? 😂
RT @mixermanagement: Jade On Twitter Answering Some Questions About #LM5 @LittleMix -Nathan #MTVHottest little mix
RT @mixermanagement: Not Long To Go Until #LM5 Era Kicks Off! Whos Ready??? @LittleMix -Nathan #MTVHottest little mix
RT @AlexGallegos_88: Tell Nathan to hmu. He cute — He got a chick stop being dumb
RT @oliverbcampbell: No he shouldn't. It's his channel, his rules, and you don't pay his bills. You don't get a say. Get off the man's…
RT @WLiveFrance: @SabatiniAmelie Parce que pour toi son retour est réussi ? 🤔
RT @hkucuk_28: 19-Flood'u Şu sozlerle de bitirelim 👇 Kimin kral olduğu umurumda bile değil. Çünkü para arzını kim kontrol ediyorsa…
RT @sunlorrie: Email from @StanBehalPhoto: "This man (allegedly) assaulted me while covering Toronto Against Racism Rally at Natha…
RT @Hotsayn1: La vie est trop courte pour écouter ce que les gens pensent, fonce, et tout ce que tu veux faire, fais le a fond.
RT @TheHoopCentral: Throwback to Shaq getting fouled literally 5 seconds into the 2008-2009 NBA Season.
RT @irislavend: Nathan chen FM Q7 Q: this time you've a collab with shoma and boyang, how was it? Can you tell us some stories when…
Salma, where's your nathan?
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RT @MoniqueMonrowe: It’s actually rude to have to remind someone to pay back money they owe you.