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RT @HipHop: Congratulations To J. Cole On Becoming A Father!
RT @YoungSpittah92: It's a cold (Cole) world, they don't seem to know. #4youreyezonly #RespectTheUnit 🏌🏽
RT @JaMir_Russell: Y'all are saying "J Cole is a celeb. He wants his personal life private. Y'all just regular dudes y'all hiding her to cheat." WRONG!
RT @HardysMedia: Ab-Soul told The Breakfast Club that Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are actually working on the collab album. 😳…
RT @yoyoholivez: how can anyone still say cole is better than kendrick
We get it, you like the J Cole album
From da tweets Ive read since the album dropped, if u listen 2 cole, you're a scholar, but if u listen to yachty, Thug, uzi, ur delusional
RT @GodOfTheLowKey: Niggas can't relate to J. Cole cause J. Cole got a college education. Most of these niggas favorite rappers barely finished high school.
Why did j cole have to drop something on the same day as @abdashsoul - soul never gets the credit he deserves
I woke up to conspiracy theories on j Cole's album, that shows how good the album is
RT @YoungCinoo: J. Cole married his gf, made a whole baby & album without the media knowing .. Dude is the true definition of "lowkey"
vibin to that classic Cole outro. it resonates
I'm not prepared to process this cole album.. so I'll wait.
RT @pIayboi: J. Cole haters trying to find something wrong with '4 Your Eyes Only'
RT @ochocinco: J Cole album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Soon as Cole said he's 22.. he was too young ...almost started crying lol
J. Cole's new album is just what we needed. Amazing! #4youreyesonly #jcole
J Cole album🔥😴
RT @OnlyJCoIe: RETWEET TO WIN: Going to be giving away a few copies of J.Cole's new album over the next few days. Must be followin…
RT @backyardmikee: Yes j cole does have good lyricism.. but his beats are just mediocre as fuck to me bro.
Never thought I'd see myself drink almond milk. Agreed J. Cole Agreed.
RT @RRussell_3: Cole album fire 🔥 and for those who say it's wack must be mad cause you can't hit the folks to it lol 💯 welcome to real rap #4youreyezonly