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RT @irelxoxo: I really love her make up here than last year. Ganda kaya! Perfect! 😍 #KATHNIELStarMagicBall2016
☔️🚙☔️ ♫ Daydream (feat. Joba) by Medasin (with Izzi) —
RT @Ana_Adkins: @natyrueda98 Ay pero joba 😥😥😥 tedm
@natyrueda98 Ay pero joba 😥😥😥 tedm
Iba a ir a ver a Anto y a majo pero na
@fopen_s 鍋焼きうどん食べてガンガレ( ・ω⊂)
@fopen_s もうストーブたいたww
Entre el otrodelathletic, el joba, el gallo y el surfer de palo, abres un manicomio en Bilbao y al de 2 horas hay overbooking de ingresos
RT @Yolanda_gh9: Que critiquéis cosas de JJ vale, pero justo el tema de la imparcialidad cuando MM no lo ha sido en su vida... Tela. #GHDirecto
RT @HablamosdeTv: Clara está rabiosa porque le hemos roto su intento de carpeta y ahora no le queda otra que tratar de destruir la de Pol y Adara. #GHDirecto
esse rapaz não é estranho, acho que é ex peguete da joba
@Joba_44 these secondary market prices are absurd! Any chance you can help a real fan out that has been there since spring training?
@notevayas @adiospipino una de las mejores lineas de joba del darkismo
Hoping maybe with a day off from #JobA I'll be able to come up with something since, as of right now, I just want to throw in the towel.
Frustrating to have one who was navigating well before to now be stumbling about #JobA isn't rocket science but that doesn't mean it's easy.
That was a long night at #JobA Trainee 2 seems to be going backwards &, though I understand the chip on their shoulder, it may cause issues.