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@160minai カービィになれ
Depressing News
Hay fever is starting 🖕🏼😩
I'll find Comfort in my Pain
@Singa_Betawi26 @BawasluDKIJakar @kpu_dki bgtulah mas. bikin persepsi aturan kampanye putaran k2 wjb hukumnya. tp ndk jls pendanaannya.
RT @dawseyslinstead: i mean we know jls is gonna be in med a whole lot for the storyline, so its just the same and i get the broments i deserve
RT @panvexual: 68.) yet again jls, inventors of dance https://t.co/V8CRWEoA1g
@JLS_ur_sexy I will look into this now for you. - LR
Tired of Your Excess Belly Fat? 8 Proven Ways of Shifting it Fast... https://t.co/506yWaGlVO https://t.co/SzjFo5cXik
RT @ambre0404: Mes potes pour rien au monde je les échangerai jls aime trop
@FirstEssex When is the next 21 or 26 to leave Leigh church towards Hadleigh please?
RT @Gus_Gleek: You make me feel Like I'm living a Teenage dream... ❤️ #2YearsWithoutGlee https://t.co/K5Celxw81z
@garai_JLS 小学生だった頃ゲラゲラ笑ってた
RT @trulybonnie: finchel and stelena will always be the true endgames idfc what anyone says
@fuoco_yukitani キタキタおやじの頭がいつもより大きく見えるよ!少し笑える裏技だね!
@garai_JLS 大好物だぜー!(ホッカホッカ)
@fuoco_yukitani ギンギーとヨジデーもありそう