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Trying to keep it together at work is so fucking hard
RT @taylaaaarbrill: The arrangements for Cass have been made.. Hope to see you there. 💓 https://t.co/te4woGSsEV
Pemaaf jk btl #Islam sbb Tuhannya jls n dpcy Maha Pengasih n Penyayang bro! @irham_nasution @yesmie
Roy suryo muter2 ngomongnya,, g jls blass *2th jokowi-jk @suaRAkyat_tvOne
bonjour à tous il me reste les dispo suivantes Novembre : samedi 19 - 12h30 13h30 14h30 15h30 Décembre :... https://t.co/Qgmecu0wfv
RT @IncrediblyRich: 26. When JB from JLS said Merry Christmas. https://t.co/tQ7Zb0b6J9
You core beliefs become your conscious thoughts that drives your action. This is how you get results. https://t.co/DzjSXvjlGM
Meditation, The Why, How, Where, and When of it. Yes for business building! https://t.co/ity1em9Mex https://t.co/aYsXSpl1iA
Start the new day right! Join us Tmrrw @ 8AMPST CALL 712-432-3431 399808# https://t.co/iKNStvVaQc https://t.co/2BzkZ0Nl6k
joyi g jls y
@kawanFH @Fahrihamzah bung fahri bicara dgn hati aplg anda skrg tdk jls dipartai apa saat ini.. Apa anda ingin carmuk dgn @msi_sohibuliman ?
@febr3zee kalah apaan dih jls jls gua gnteng bat
RT @ParkJimin_isBae: When someone says BTS sounds like JLS 😑 https://t.co/Y4u27cWli2
When someone says BTS sounds like JLS 😑 https://t.co/Y4u27cWli2
I love whoever has chose the music at work today, High school musical and JLS 😎
Last preview of this sweet family before I send off their gallery to them! <3 I love how happy and into the... https://t.co/94Tryk3hMo
@JLS_ur_sexy my money until i get payed again
@JLS_ur_sexy yeah :( I won't be able to afford to go to anything (including the Freddy Parker thing you tagged me in) as I need to be saving
13. kesel marah dan yg jls gue kaga baper. enak ae mau balikan lagi udh tau gue punya kapel wkowko
@nongandah sblum ada yg ngoceh Almaidah dikep.1000 adem ayem,jls kan sumbernya