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RT @xiaobshop: [#SORTEIO] VOLTA ÀS AULAS: Participe e concorra a um kit escolar! 📚📆 ⇨ REGRAS • Dê RT nesse tweet • Siga… https://t.co/d0Q4Ky2PEn
Just because I don't talk about Jonghyun or SHINee anymore doesn't mean that I don't support them.. I always have a… https://t.co/QyjqXH1Bv0
why did oh_mes get suspended did it have something to do with jjong what
eu amo regular mas fazer uma versão chinesa p ser o debut do wayv foi sacanagem sm pqp
Thought about Jjong alot today.. I'm sure his close friends and family wish for it more than me but sometimes wish… https://t.co/LP9V2qnX8G
yeah i'll. i'll never forget oh mes's tweets on december 18th. i was hurting so badly and he made it worse. he made… https://t.co/BK2IwR0FHP
RT @minhoonthisday9: [FANACC] 150117 MC Minho @ MBC Music Core During the winning performance Jjong was very happy, he even mixed up the… https://t.co/DqJDEPkjWe
RT @shineesking: jjong vc nao será o único a ser zoado pela altura agr 😔✊ https://t.co/YPszLS3QIr
anyone know where i can get clothes for my jjong doll he's kinda nakey rn
RT @Ethlenn: @jonghyunstory Let's not forget his DP picture of Jan Rose Kasmir protesting against Vietnam War during The March o… https://t.co/gS4t3ABBKA
justinbieber I love you, please follow back me :(
많이 많이 보고 싶어요 사랑해요
RT @celestialtaem: taemin: “jjong can u pass me the cola pls” jjong: https://t.co/QRONxL1Obj
nyamjoon/jjong - @poeticmono namjoon: breathe - lauv runaway - super junior the piano knows something i don’t kno… https://t.co/AcDc27mFBY