RT @jimwexell: Dale Lolley's Notebook From Arrowhead Steelers Knew What Was - And Wasn't - Coming https://t.co/XTO0mb4Jrg via @scoutmedia [$]
i go to open my english notebook and i see this https://t.co/QlpQmeXL5j
11pm and I'm writing my thoughts in a notebook cuz i can't sleep but I'm only making myself sad by writing these thoughts out?????
meu notebook desligou sozinho e eu tava reformando a casa da minha sim cientista 😰 que tristeza
RT @IGNBROficial: Acer traz "notebook gamer mais poderoso do mundo" à #BGS10. https://t.co/epZCGdZ7a0 https://t.co/50QC2UGFu0
John's Notebook: The real presidential test is not about IQ https://t.co/LAB5DnAyC2
This gif will NEVER get old. I’m so jealous of whoever has this notebook & is holding it hostage! https://t.co/2uGvR6kTqQ
tengo ganas de ver alguna película pero me da paja prender la notebook (la tengo al lado)
quer notebook em bom estado? entao tome https://t.co/SOAohcuVsl
Let's see how this "writing my thoughts down" goes.. this should be interesting. I haven't wrote my thoughts in an actual notebook in years
Estou tentando comprar um notebook na @americanascom a mais de 3hs. E toda vez dá “ Erro no processo. Favor tentar novamente mais tarde” 😡😤
Eu preciso organizar meu Notebook 😱😱😱 tá uma zonaaaa
RT @Criszanggg: yung mga notebook ko, nasa room ha ha ha ang saya saya🙂🙂🙂
There are two kinds of guys; some say “Sorry, my car is a mess” and there are three gum wrappers and a notebook in… https://t.co/Tz3mBDz1X0
yung mga notebook ko, nasa room ha ha ha ang saya saya🙂🙂🙂
Made a vow to myself today that whenever I'm feeling mad , sad or even happy I will jot down my lovely thoughts in my new notebook .
Magazine Evgenii Belukha, Nikolai Lavrentev Watercolor, and inserted between pages in spiral-bound notebook pages printed in color
RT @semoballJosh: NOTEBOOK: Gonzales blossoming as influence for @SEMOSoccer, Herndon honored and more... https://t.co/pKnr3y5e1X
@TnAJ450frQuyYSa What page is it?Notebook?
hala asan ap notebook ko
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect). - Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904
I wanted to watch The Notebook but ended up watching Heathers. Same thing I'd say.
Meu Notebook tá travando, meu celular tá travando, minha vida tá travando
#GearBest Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 指紋認証センサ付き クーポン:xiaomiair13simonjp3 日本限定 残り48台 クーポン適用後価格:84,923円 ページ:… https://t.co/nSDW0uI075