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RT @isaaccolepoweII: ok i’ve seen a few ppl talking about that video of jimmy fallon in blackface (also apparently jimmy kimmel + sarah… https://t.co/5absVVURlW
@ZackBornstein Aaaaah, makes sense. You're a writer for SNL and Jimmy Kimmel. Did you stretch before that reach? https://t.co/faAGy46HgC
Carrie Underwood Arrives at Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio in Los Angeles https://t.co/93QpWjNyud https://t.co/7Cw83Vi2xg
RT @KindeandTrue: Are these the same vaunted anti-viral HIV medications that Obama was fundraising for on Jimmy Kimmel in November 25… https://t.co/2dzk075WKw
Let’s also consider the fact that there’s a chance we could see the boys making another appearance on Ellen, Jimmy… https://t.co/Rlo6R5CMQs
RT @yeeyeeborther: @Girbeagly @Jack_Septic_Eye Another underrated content creator I recommend is Jimmy Kimmel! He truly doesn't get en… https://t.co/apB9g4tTaB
@AndreaNRuth Wait until they find that video of Jimmy Kimmel in blackface.
RT @stana_katic_fr: #StanaSouvenirs #StanaKatic leaves "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!" 16/02/2015 vid : ' Stana Katic lovingly takes self… https://t.co/8j10Sj7TDe
I’m on the crew of SNL while Jimmy Kimmel was hosting, thankfully all separately.
RT @CaesarsEnt: It's no joke, @jimmykimmel Live is coming to #Vegas this April! https://t.co/OJaS7bNnwp
Woke up and I was Jimmy Kimmel.
@TheEuropeanMan1 It's like jimmy kimmel and adam sandler somehow had a child
@bIondedkth Considering how many fans were lining at Jimmy Kimmel idk I hope it isnt hard to snag tickets
Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club construction looks to have started. https://t.co/PbmXY0oshg
@AsQuietasRaquel I have a feeling he going to bring that woman 😑😑 cuz he ain't going to bring his mother last time… https://t.co/m4Nr3iGPyP
@ncitybot BITCH WE GOING!! JIMMY KIMMEL 2.0!!! We finna roll up!!!
Ill also never understand how Joy Behar, Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel can wear blackface & they still have jobs. Wha… https://t.co/rMUF9yoYsk
RT @sichcngs: there’s so many nctzens jn la they’re fucking crazy i seen what they did at jimmy kimmel
@marwilliamson Have you reached out to any of the shows: The View, The Talk, Steve Harvey, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon??
@mattmargolis @JussieSmollett @therealroseanne Sadly same reason Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon & Joy Behar have jobs🙄… https://t.co/XhP5xvvPS0
RT @CaesarsEnt: It's no joke, @jimmykimmel Live is coming to #Vegas this April! https://t.co/OJaS7bNnwp
I often think about that Jimmy Kimmel video where they asked Americans to locate their own country on a map and none of them knew ..
@nicksmithnews Lets be real, "proud" blackface donners -Joy Behar, Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon still have jobs! Its… https://t.co/w7XdJK9fXQ