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Funeral services for Jule Marie Clausen, 94, of Simpson will be announced by the Labby Memorial Funeral Home... https://t.co/5OqvFl9Q9u
We love Sen Clausen. A real friend of education, educators, or children and our community. A real hero of teachers. https://t.co/Rfdvj7qKhU
RT @GHS_girls_bball: STATE BOUND!! All the supporters had a huge impact on the game!! https://t.co/OndqFSCH7X
RT @genevahsmusic: This is what music students look like after spending a night on a coach bus. https://t.co/bfb4YoG5VS
RT @DietHeartNews: Dominant fat red meat - stearic acid - promotes 'good' HDL. Why has AMA 'kept quiet" about this? [hint: no drug doe… https://t.co/aUdw9XoM5k
RT @CelineSymbioss: İyi Geceler Johan-Christian-Clausen Dahl! https://t.co/sNRmp2NxA8
Oxford's adds a 'Kodak moment' https://t.co/8bjzsAdLdR via @DandC
@FlowsAndolini those drugs getting to you. Y'all gonna have Jimmy Clausen starting next year
RT @kylegriffin1: Rep. Maxine Waters told Dem Caucus she won't attend Trump's address b/c she can't "contain enthusiasm" against Trump, NBC News has learned.
"Van como mil veces que he tratado de decírtelo, mírame a los los y verás que no te miento, no". 😞
RT @CharlesMBlow: So, as suspected, Trump simply used HBCU presidents as an Oval Office photo op. Ugh… https://t.co/IjRCtLRxTk https://t.co/H9Y90G9QLk
Island Theater Company & Clausen Properties: Men are Dogs - Opens March 16th! https://t.co/gFhwLsuQ5q
@RotoPat Jimmy Clausen pass distribution?
Clausen: Another 'moment' for Kodak with Oxford add https://t.co/tQJby01MhW via @DandC
RT @kylegriffin1: Just got this— Trump is *fundraising* off his first address to a joint session of Congress. https://t.co/uQpbIAZI0m
RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: To state a tangent as the essence of a thing is the work of fools and liars. To convince the people as such is to destroy reality.
Så så man lige Hummerkongens hævn #1 af Nick Clausen blive anmeldt i Weekendavisen. Fedt 😊 https://t.co/u6LzJwLE0O
RT @ToddJClausen: One of many 'Kodak moments' ---- phrase now part of the Oxford Dictionaries. https://t.co/vwkWtzxHjc #rocshare https://t.co/r5TnLhNKuT
Clausen: Another 'moment' for Kodak with Oxford add https://t.co/uM3m966oyz via @DandC #ROCShare
RT @snorris85: Watching the video in this story reminds me how captivating building implosions are https://t.co/PvZ48benAj… https://t.co/1Nr8cv7SJq
RT @DandC: Oxford's adds a 'Kodak moment' https://t.co/Qc68u5Po64 #ROC
RT @DandC: Clausen: Another 'moment' for Kodak with Oxford add https://t.co/Ci22nwfGYR #ROC