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RT @nytimes: The man who killed Timothy Caughman told police he has "hated black men since I was a kid," an official said https://t.co/ofTXpRkAf1
RT @CNN: Toronto schools will no longer allow student or staff trips to the US, citing uncertainty over the travel ban… https://t.co/Khvlz4qVWo
RT @JoyAnnReid: By the way @SpeakerRyan lied again tonight. Obamacare is NOT collapsing. It just got 12.2 million new signups by the January deadline.
RT @CNN: Republicans and Democrats demand more information about former national security adviser Michael Flynn's Russia tie… https://t.co/pLOGKHlDgO
RT @WunderEileen: der @1fckoeln ist auf @musicallyapp - ich bin gespannt wie sich der Kanal entwickelt. https://t.co/3YnlkPrVlb
RT @Newsweek: Toronto schools ban trips to U.S. over travel ban uncertainty https://t.co/VMdBNWS802 https://t.co/tB7DdxWzHy
RT @kylegriffin1: Flag: Trump's Vegas partner says the business is not dividing profits from foreign governments as promised https://t.co/4K6ANmktOY
RT @CNN: Report: Poorest American families could lose benefits worth 1/3 of their income if GOP health care bill becomes law https://t.co/JZZdE10BLl
RT @thegarance: 2013 Reup on why maternity care got mandated into insurance -- bc before the EHB standard, women couldn't find any… https://t.co/lX3l9bEdnr
RT @MIAARIBELL: 12 black girls have gone missing in DC in a span of 24 hours and 211 have gone missing there since January, 2017. #FindOurGirls #GetThemHome
RT @ACLU: BREAKING: The Senate just voted to allow internet providers to sell consumer data without permission. Our statement: https://t.co/1MdpH8I49U
RT @Newsweek: Russia may be supplying Taliban insurgents, claims U.S. general https://t.co/inYqMbXhR6 https://t.co/rSMKfmBFu1
RT @figuerjoda: Cervecería Clausen Fundada en 1887 - La mas antigua de Colombia https://t.co/ortIv5Jb7f
RT @nytimes: The cables that Rex Tillerson sent to American embassies telling them to increase scrutiny on visa applicants https://t.co/cp2CMAt5lu
RT @charliewinter: This is getting even stranger. #IS didn't mention London once in this AM's radio bulletin or operational digest. So… https://t.co/wKJo8yaLs3
RT @laurencowart: If 15 white girls were kidnapped within a 200 mile radius even it'd be FRONT page news
RT @alyssakeiko: Baby Boomers: social media is killing millennials Actual millennials: *looks up from crowd funding cancer treatment* what
RT @nytimes: President Trump accused NYT of altering the headline on this article: https://t.co/13RCg7MXuY False. Fact check:… https://t.co/hIkG6xw38a
RT @daveweigel: Favorable ratings from Fox poll: Bernie +29 Planned Parenthood +25 Warren +8 Pence +4 Obamacare +3 Trump -9 Ryan -… https://t.co/aXplwAt82w
RT @matthewsavides: More video from the Durban fire. Massive blanket of smoke being pushed by strong winds. 🎥Jackie Clausen https://t.co/L4iO353Tnq