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Jimmy Carr’s response to #DavidCameron’s Panama... https://t.co/cc8i47cpCb
We have some fantastic shows this October including Jimmy Carr, Elkie Brooks, Magic Of Motown Show, Chicago Blues... https://t.co/rwIUwxT1ZI
The comedy of Jimmy Carr is on the way this morning at 6:36. #SmileBreakfast https://t.co/v2u04Iisle
Jimmy Carr The Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour  2016-10-19, Hexagon Theatre https://t.co/2E9SIXhvXX https://t.co/UC0RbbpT9b
I can't believe Jimmy Carr got his own Netflix show. He laughs like a car alarm
the classic jimmy carr laugh ive been waiting 4
"no offense weirdo" - peyton manning to jimmy carr also my Cause of Death
@SarahLister https://t.co/yJMkyfwhMi I somehow doesn’t think he abstains completely, but perhaps…?
oh my god he just amde a 9/11 joke im crhing does jimmy carr know hes in america
america is not ready for british humor like jimmy carr's
o man time for jimmy carr
oh man i cant wait for jimmy carr he is honestly..the best
Watching a QI from G series and Fry and Jimmy Carr both used the term "Eskimo" genuinely 😖🙇😢
@SarahLister (I'm never gonna get over that omg all I wanted was to flail over a nice age appropriate boy and then Jimmy Carr had to happen)
@pattonoswalt Jimmy Carr's roast joke was a little too spot on
Jimmy Carr and his laugh give me so much life
Jimmy Carr shocks a US audience with a 9/11 joke on the anniversary of the tragedy - watch
Jimmy Carr is fucking hysterical
Jimmy Carr's laugh is horrendous
Seeing Jimmy Carr becoming a thing in America is like seeing your Uncle in a music video
Jimmy Carr would be ok with this https://t.co/6YnpKTbBig
RT @davidowenauthor: The rage when Jimmy Carr is named as new presenter of Bake Off might actually be the end of this country.
Jimmy Carr's response to David Cameron's Panama Papers admission #EUreferendumhttps://t.co/OeaQ6BNhic https://t.co/oH7kHnMYaH
@mihajloween jimmy Carr had some gold, and Riggle was funnier than I thought. #instantcallback