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How does Jimmy Carr get Jon snow to do those segments
Romesh is really repping all Tamil Sri Lankan's by being unnessarily mean to Jimmy Carr
[FULL] Bill Burr, Jimmy Carr, Patrice O’Neal, Bo Burnham & More - Best J... https://t.co/1W55uE3491 via @YouTube
😂i started watching The Fix on a whim, since Jimmy Carr hosts it, and ive enjoyed it immensely (to my delighted surprise!)
RT @ObrovskyTC: @105dba @Parkerman75 @RachelRileyRR I was blocked too for pointing out her pal Jimmy Carr's antisemitic joke & her… https://t.co/wtL4iR7jhP
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/noK7CHZKze Jimmy Carr DESTROY HECKLERS
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/LZN2Rm13ij Jimmy Carr - Roast of Rob Lowe (2016) [Full Savage Mode]
@ATotalBlamBlam @DeusExCinema also: sucks that they don't know Jimmy Carr
@ATotalBlamBlam @DeusExCinema They knew of but didn't actually *know* kinda like how most Americans know OF Jimmy Carr but don't *know* him
Just discovered @SteveHofstetter this week. Way too into this. May need help. People should watch his heckler clip… https://t.co/XYhbFye7G3
I just discovered my laugh is a mashup of Jimmy Carr's and Ricky Gervais' laugh and I don't know what to think
my boyfriend is mad that the only comedian i want to watch is @mulaney so he turned on jimmy carr and he's not funny ☹️
Ok watching “The Fix”. Introducing America to Jimmy Carr’s laugh.
If there really are lizard people Jimmy Carr has got to be one of them.
Whenever someone says I like jokes what they mean is they like one liners like Jimmy Carr jokes.
I watched 10 mins of The Fix on Netflix. It’s awful - despite the fact that it features two usually very funny peop… https://t.co/FcSR6jeLwv
Jimmy Carr, the only man who employed Diane Abbott to do his tax return.. #SkyNFL
@hibeesfamily @TheRosie Conversely, I watched a jimmy Carr show on Netflix last night and was in tears. It was wron… https://t.co/o6dNIKyazd
Jimmy Carr’s laugh makes me... https://t.co/vPITxziseU
Jimmy Carr is literally the worst comedian going, and if you find him funny, block me I don’t need you x