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Jimmy Carr at royal wedding. Looking more and more like Rudolph Hess!
My next character will be a high intelligence Halfling Wizard. Imagine a cross between Luke Skywalker and Jimmy Carr but evil.
RT @janinegibson: ITV commentator: “Lots of famous faces are here: Jimmy Carr, Pixie Geldof, Tracy Emin!” Meghan Markle’s inner voic… https://t.co/8MlDXc7kd0
RT @kerrybluefergus: you are not cool dc by knowing who jimmy carr is infact the opposite!
Karma Jimmy Carr - meleon #NameDropASong
@thelenziebear I just don’t think he’s as good as some other comedians I’ve seen this year. Went to see Kevin Hart… https://t.co/MYK2xJbXuo
@zOo021 fgured this is QB I wanna start a team wit so eliminated all QBs 29 & up. Best left Wentz, Goff, Jimmy, C… https://t.co/uBJtVBOVaL
Singling out JP McManus on tax avoidance reminds me of Cameron having a go at Jimmy Carr Great distraction while the game carries on
RT @darrenlawspr: People sleeping rough on the streets, food banks, old people alone with no proper care. £2m spent on security for e… https://t.co/uxJFQT7NED
Wow what a surprise ! jimmy Carr and Barlow still up to their old tricks . https://t.co/y7XIuwpxLQ
In a love-hate relationships with Jimmy Carr's laugh
@damongreenITV Still...sure everyone enjoyed paying for Robbie Williams & Jimmy Carr's piss up.
@jaapstronks Ja, en nouja, hij was op ander beeld ook wat... apart. Maar Jimmy Carr heeft ook een beetje zo'n uitstraling.
I like driving Jimmy Carr #NameDropASong 🙄
@jeninbos Same 👌 it's on comedy Central but might get it on YouTube . Jimmy Carr hosts it
@SouaSuse @MelissaSGsilva Percebo. Também fiquei maluco quando soube que o Jimmy Carr vinha a Lisboa.
I hope Jimmy Carr comes to my wedding
RT @wyliecatherine: Guests spotted in the chapel so far: Kate Moss, Demi Moore, Liv Tyler, Jimmy Carr, Pippa and James Matthews, Jamie… https://t.co/7Q7YWMBKxC
Your Face Or Mine is one of the best things on the tele. Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan are amazing
@GlennAirey I know, but Jimmy Carr has done well since they split though😉
RT @kingsleychapman: So glad we’re footing the bill for Robbie Williams, Cara Delevinge, Ellie Goulding, Jimmy Carr et al to have a love… https://t.co/jvnxtoreNS