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A l'image de B. Thomé,ancien de #lagrandefamille,en start-up,nos étudiants GEA y trouvent magnifiquement leur voie… https://t.co/9JB1SqQRRf
RT @PatientVoicesUK: Few free places left 4 #DNAofCare staff stories launch conf 2 Nov https://t.co/aTbeYBgkwq see the stories at… https://t.co/Tp7DmyQ3tH
@kaylyn_thome @AlyBenefiel @8_Semesters aly won't let that be my costume 😂😭😭
Jim Thome RBI double Yankees 1 Twins 2 Bot 6th
RT @8_Semesters: School is an endless cycle of “i just need to make it through this week” every week.
RT @oceanviibess: getting out of bed would be 10x easier if there was a Caribbean ocean and 85 degree weather waiting outside for you
Fim de Semana em São Thomé das Letras https://t.co/HRdPGI7Dc2
One more W and we're in the World Series. #FlyTheW #WEAREGOOD @Cubs