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The Life of Glass by Jillian Cantor ❤️✍🏽 https://t.co/jqXxI8tM4s
RT @mlafferty636: Being sad honestly just sucks
i aspire to be you Jillian 😪💞 https://t.co/2YmP52meRV
RT @msportsquotes: Why are you going to choose failure when success is an option? -Jillian Michaels
@14Samclark I was just looking at it and said "you can practically see lance armstrong up there" and got made fun of forever after that.
RT @hillianjughes: 200 SUBSCRIBER INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY | JILLIAN HUGHES https://t.co/4BWCUlYUbz via @YouTube
@Jillian_Punk стати морячкою? ;))
Staring up at the moon and @jillian_matta goes " Wow it's like you can see Lance Armstrong up there"... 🙄🙄🙄 🤔 #wrongArmstrong
RT @Brookechauu: "Home is anywhere you and I are together"
RT @hannahdavis____: I wish I were at Disneyland right now, eating a churro, waiting in line for Pirates
RT @blakehjones: @jillian_jones_ album #HeIsEverything releases tomm!!! Be listening for #roots on a CCM station near you!! Pls RT! https://t.co/lfEhQpQjMp
I was driving to class this morning and I saw a school bus and I actually thought "please please hit me"
I love having conversations at 12 am with my best friend
RT @eveewing: One of my super fave workouts to do at home for free is @blogilates videos. She is relentlessly cheerful. Also Jillian Michaels on YouTube.
RT @PCKJ3627: The one NSW minister who should resign - and it's not Jillian Skinner https://t.co/62Etm1eAnB via @smh @marcosbaez81 @nswelectric time Togo
RT @ItsFrancescaLe: Click here to watch the movie: https://t.co/USeFJDNiSD Francesca Le, Jillian Janson - Dirty Wives Club (2/27/15) … https://t.co/IJgdp9hQQs
The one NSW minister who should resign - and it's not Jillian Skinner https://t.co/3t1q0iiMzo via @smh
@HannsNorstebon I just bought 2 then I couldn't decide between candle holders so I ended up buying both 😅
RT @gothhjap: Jillian and Gwyn are the popular, stylish best friend art duo from a cartoon