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RT @NiallOfficial: Hello lovely people . . . Some of the things I'm reading about the song are amazing , thank you all very much for the love . Keep it up
Good thing my hubby's an EMT. I'm gonna have the big one!! Love those Cubs!! #LetsGo
RT @luciarramirezz: @veekovin happy birthday cuteness! Love & miss you! Be safe today❤️🎉😩
RT @Non_Swift13: @taylorswift13 Thank you for a great time❤️ Thank you sooooo much Taylor❤️I love you❤️
Drunk On Your Love by Brett Eldredge #nowplaying #949StarCountry
RT @Itzsaage: @sssniperwolf Happy Birthday!!! I love you so much!! I finally finished your picture. Hope You like it. 😍😊😊
My message to #women, you don't have to love everything about @realDonaldTrump, you just gotta love America & our Constitution
@lanadejules thanks Jules I love you tons! 💙❤️️💖
RT @mao_sid: nishi-kenさんありがとうございます!昨日はめちゃテンション上がりました!RT @n_nishiken_k: @mao_sid お誕生日おめでとうございます🎊 素敵な誕生日となりますように。
RT @itssixwordstory: “I found love in your smile.”
@agentlehnsherr - one of my irl friends - misha op still makes me cry - literally Alec Lightwood - love you
RT @JonahMarais: 22,000 views on the "Taking You" music video already. that's freakin amazing. LOVE YOU ALLLLL
RT @maraisftwesley: now I'm a warrior❤️ (video credit to bri cause I didn't record it) @ItsAlyssaShouse @briaarseneault I love you❤️
@kelsey_dumas he wouldn't sit in my lap to take a cute picture 😂😩 I love it ahaha
RT @sexyfutagirl: Nobody seems to be on so I'm just going to bed. Goodnight guys. Love you Lavendar ♡
RT @Notebook: I love it when boys do this ❤
RT @glofuI: i love too hard
RT @solojckson: *who's that comes on* friend 1: dont.... friend 2: please for the love of God dont- me:
RT @jorince2: @gigirules7 Do you think she'd be interested in adopting me since my mom's gone, and I love Italian food? 😜