Jesus is Love

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RT @kebabobrosey: stiles ft his first love and his best friend
"love" is really blind
@Wendys @dbrandSkins that's why I love Wendy's! Never frozen meat!
I love my little brothers so fucking much, I would literally give them the whole world if I could
Hello February and hello @thewhitmore welcome to the love issue @image_magazine
#DolanTwinsNewVideo is up! like & subscribe✌ follow/DM! love you both❤ @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan 12
Happy birthday Rye. You make me so happy and i can't wait for the day I actually meet you. Lots of love to my Narnia bro 💗🎁🎈
RT @AshleeJalynn: i wanna know what it's like to be in love
RT @nikitindheer: @iamsrk sir wish u @Nawazuddin_S & the entire team of #Raees all the very best for the & respect always!
RT @tyleroakley: NEW VIDEO: "The End Of An Era": - thanks for the love & support, no matter which direction…
- to heaven on fucking earth, @DamagedEvermore. You're going to love it here, and that's a promise. You, doll, do what I say and you'll -
Gracias a nuestros amigos de Domino's, que nos tienen al dia!😉I love you pizza…
RT @daddyato: Day3: #1 IDK LOL ruba mads vanessa emma shelby Jorge sophia UHMMMM idk 😳 I'll feel bad if I exclude some ppl I love
RT @therealRickyP: Smoking this joint, just realize good weed n love could cure the world! Peace n love!
ULTIMATE BAG: We love the patina of @collagevintage truly vintage Chanel Double Flap Bag 🚨…
Things I would love to see in S4 of #TheLibrarians Excalibar Santa Cindy Flynn proposing to Eve #Jassandra! @LibrariansTNT
@lazesummerstone Same. I had programmed my keyboard like I would have a PC game (ergonomically) but this allows for even more. Love it.
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@ColinScottMorOz who is this faggot and how did he get on the internet love u colin
RT @Judgment: I love being double triple quadruple texted I love feeling like someone wants to talk to me
RT @DoreenVirtue: Remember: Love never dies!
Four weeks without Mama and Gramma is four weeks too long😞. I love you💜