Jesus is Love

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RT @BeLike_Jay: @whoizshay still in love with you ❤️
Fall in love with you GC.😜😍😘😋 He is so handsome yaaar @GauravChopraafc @BiggBoss @10BiggBoss
RT @iHasCupquake: Probably Return of the Jedi, I love the Ewoks. 🤗😍
RT @HarryShumJr: I love this musical & looks like I'm gonna love this version too.
RT @pimpdog75: @POOHCAKE @shepromotes1 @prowlncougar @ms_jayla_baby @jae_love_501 @motivation_los @psmooth_ @djicetre #GREENTREE🌳C…
Happy birthday to this girl🎉 I hope you have a great day! I can't wait till we are all reunited again! Love you ❤️❤️
RT @layton_jocelyn: That nigga don't love you boo , he a community ass nigga
I love physical therapy bc it's the closest I can get to working out
RT @bloop: I need that "grow together" type of love.
RT @CUHCharity: Thankyou to all the Wonderful Nurses in the Transitional Care Unit @CUH_Cork Feeling the love #cuhsocks Text CUHSOC…
@l_y_s_s_s_ I love you too bitchhhhhh I ain't never gon stop loving you bitchhhh
RT @iHasCupquake: Probably Return of the Jedi, I love the Ewoks. 🤗😍
i love grayson
RT @seuteurongbae: if im a guy i wanna date you if im a girl OFC I WANNA DATE YOU SO BAD HOW TO NOT FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIMCHAN 😢
love when my playlist only consist of christmas music🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
恋カフェ3周年のお祝いに参加させて下さり、有難うございました! 来て下さった皆様、電波隊の皆様、これからも恋カフェと恋さんと、そこに集う大切な仲間と。。そして、みるかみるを宜しくお願いします(〃д〃)恋さんLOVE
@peppeppee____ 忘れんようにしとこっ!👍←覚えたってさほど意味無いww😂😂😂