Jesus I Love You

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RT @MMnightwalkerMM: I love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤@marilynmanson thanks for everything you done for us all Our entire LIFE ❤❤
@deepikapadukone I love you..good night..wherever you are hope you're good and having fun❤
RT @A1_Hooper33: Cant believe my lil brother gone man everything i do im doing it for you bro on life i love you bro & rest easy in…
happy birthday to two of my favs ☺️ i love you both v much 💕💕💕@chychyhall @SHANNON_HALL24
RT @yashitweets: Thank you, Internet. I love you.
@armstrongrp1972 *I then lay back down and close my eyes some* I love you
RT @Laxmi_EH: Hiii 😍 @emraanhashmi 💕 you there? 💞btw 🙈I love you sooo Damn much! 🤗❣😘
Congrats baby for the new song #Cry really is so awesome great job I love you so much and I'm so proud of you…
RT @_wweajleefanbr: - All praise and adjectives are few to describe this woman. I love you so much 💛👑 #TeamAJ #ThankYouAJ @AJBrooks
Good-bye romantic rock'n'roll days. Your best my friend. Thank you baby, I love you.
@Madelinereid28 such a good year! I love you too❤
ok Red Velvet I love you but we need a new concept
Mother. A word that means the world to me. Thanks for everything. I promise someday can make u proud of me. I Love You, Mom
RT @michchris2: @whitelacelovely Your ability to see the good in things keeps me from anger, cynicism and worse. I love you and your bright, shining light
RT @ToriRenee33: Howdy there partner! You're 18 now, I reckon. I love you Sugar Booger, plz don't get into too much trouble. Giddy-u…
RT @onherperiod: one perk of dating me is tht I'll be ur biggest supporter & #1 fan like i will hype up everything u do bc i love you & wanna see u succeed