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Preventatives... (@ Heights Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX)
@thamuhacha @katbrown also Jermajesty, the ultimate kid name
@JermajestyJJJ Good Evening Jermajesty Jackson Happy Monday HI I am a huge fan of you how are you doing how was your day today how was
#forgotten80s all you need to need to know about this man is this he called his son jermajesty. A word springs to mind doesn't it.
Jermaine Jackson who called one of his kids Jermajesty. 🙄 #forgotten80s
RT @JustCallMeMav: Arian lowers the boom on Tyrone Jermajesty....
Arian lowers the boom on Tyrone Jermajesty....
Droppin' off a package! (@ Post Office in Houston, TX)
Quick bite! (@ Cooking Girl in Houston, TX)
I'm at Raven Tower in Houston, TX
I'm at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX
I'm at D & Q - The Beer Station in Houston, TX w/ @chinacan921
i still say jermajesty lmao that's funny af
De por sí que Kanye le ponga a su critter "Saint" ya es bien cagadAMIGO COMO TE VAS A LLAMAR JERMAJESTY????
@cexyfuga Está como el idiota ese que le puso a su critter Jermajesty.
@iamsprout I've never been able to work Jermajesty into a convo but I'm working on it.😂
@Sethersk82 jermajesty with father @jermjackson5 sécurity