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2007 Topps Triple Threads #142 Jered Weaver Jersey Autograph AUTO 69/75
@TaylorBlakeWard What role do you think Jered Weaver will/should play next year?
@paul_boye 1. Modern Jered Weaver 2. Aaron Harang 3. Jeremy Hellickson 4. Vidal Nuno 5. Kyle Hendricks
Holiday wish list: Los Angeles Angels
Holiday wish list: Los Angeles Angels
Holiday wish list: Los Angeles Angels
Remember, during Albert's presser, when he confused Jeff Weaver and Jered Weaver? Good times. #namethatweaver
2014 Topps #548 Jered Weaver Angels Toys R Us Purple border
I would move on from Jered Weaver after this season. Give Richards a chance to be the ace of the rotation. #angels
ok so the @Angels got @MikeTrout and now @Andrelton so all they need is pitchers jered weaver cant do it all #help
Jered Weaver's average fastball velocity #thingsfasterthanheywarddecision
@ahlorch Looking at next year's payroll obligations, I guess CJ Wilson and Jered Weaver for $20M each.
@MLBNetwork @CrushD19 @masnRoch Jered Weaver actually choose less then market value with Boris as his agent so it can happen
@timwilliamsP2 and if they didn't pick Walker at all and took Jered Weaver (the next pick), they'd have an extra 15 WAR since the draft.
@fakecyrilfiggis Come on down for Jered Weaver!
@Sawchik_Trib Good time to point out that Walker was only a Pirate because Littlefield passed on Jered Weaver (next pick). 2x career war.
Angels Notes: Pujols at DH, Angels and Zobrist/Utley/Walker, the catching combo, Jered Weaver.