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RT @TUSK81: This is the kind of shit that helps normalize racism. Hope it was worth the ratings, @jimmyfallon.
"And I Remember Every Kiss" - Jens Lekman
'DF ser ud til at være med i en aftale'? Bullshit! Hvis ikke vi andre havde råbt op var støtten beskåret idag #dkpol
@pcrtkey Jens avanya siapab
#Green Jens-Peter Saul: How climate adaptation can improve quality of life and save costs: This piece is co-...
@TomDavidoff @vb_jens @KathyTGlobe so it's inter-govt info sharing, not privacy?
RT @NorgePrivacy: Durch Druck , zudem auch wir unseren Teil beigetragen haben, hat sich die Situation schon verbessert. Weiter so.
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RT @__Libelle__: @19Jens65 huhu🙋guten Morgen lieber Jens 💗🍁🍀☕
Nur 500,- Euro: Deutscher Führerschein für Syrer via @YouTube
Had no idea Jens was that important.
@jens_gaster Jens Gaster Hello there We invite you to this particular porn web cam totally free register Click on my profile.
@jmilinowski96 moinsen Jens! Alles paletti? ✌✌
RT @umbracoplumber: @WebmindSe did a great job with tonights umbraco meetup. Fantastic job by Jens and @dadolfi and the rest of Webmind.
@vb_jens @KathyTGlobe @globeandmail ... then CRA should insist on global income. And nice if city could verify w/ CRA rather than taxpayer.
@vb_jens @KathyTGlobe @globeandmail Definitely the latter, not sure about the former. City gets people to say primary resident...
RT @politikstube: Da grinst die Bundespolizei: Fünf afghanische Japaner aus Rhodos in Germoney eingereist -
RT @TeslaMotors: Tesla Powerpacks to help solve Los Angeles peak energy demand with world's biggest battery storage project
RT @greenlivingguy: BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance Plugin Hybrid Electric Car