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RT @clarencenyc_: You gotta learn how to fall in love with both..❤️
@needsthabie @taeghim @meneghimer ia fazer a Jenna mas não tem mais condições
RT @Warriors16U: Our hearts are heavy today as we learned about the sudden and tragic death of Jenna Perrelle. Jenna was always a gr…
RT @FreddyGladieux: Dorian Sensible devant un reportage animalier. Il est plutôt #teamgirafe
RT @WalkrStalkrCon: GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Jenna Elfman / @JennaElfman (June, #FearTWD) joins us for #FFChicago!
Im not a 'fake fan' but if i see Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun walking down the street or Tyler and Jenna in the store…
@jennakaren7 Awe thank you Jenna 💓 ily 💋
RT @nickhansonMN: you ever been so bored you just took a shower for something to do
Your philosophy of life gathers momentum now, asking you to pa... More for Taurus
weon que chucha esa gente que odia a Jenna por creer que Joshler es real¿¿
RT @aligatie: If I’m ever gonna fall in love , I hope it’s gon be you .. 😍😍😍
Honestly, see some of the outfits celebs wear... 🥴🥴🥴
jenna: *singing* Kiss, Kiss and Makeup 🎶🎶🎶
@jenrara Can I walk in & ask for the Jenna? My Vitamin Water, organic Tostitos, & Russo’s guacamole combo should get regular status.
RT @bieberxgarrix: tyler le dedicó wdbwotv a jenna en el concierto de ayer, le dijo que la amaba muchísimo y que le agradece por sopor…
RT @RidiculousDak: Me and my friends before doing something really stupid
RT @IsabelRadice: me: the demon in my room when i’m having sleep paralysis: @juliensolomita @Jenna_Marbles
RT @covermejumpsuit: tyler talking about jenna and calling tøp “our band”
RT @NoLife_Lindsey: My parents are watching The Goldbergs and suddenly @AlexisGZall shows up and “I’m like ITS ALEXIS G ZALL!!” And my…