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RT @reIatabIe: When Christmas items are already in store and it's not even Halloween
RT @tenbands: Not only that! they use the fans innocence and lack of knowledge to create scandals to make lack luster albums more interesting
RT @tenbands: The issue is much more than Kim & Kanye it's with all the people they use/used in the industry... it'll all come to light one day
Pogba should be able to control a game like Kroos, Modric, Veratti, etc but he can't do that for his price tag. No…
RT @CopyOfOne: "Arsenal still haven't won the league since you left." "Hey. Wenger built a stadium bro."
RT @AfricanKhaIeesi: Huh?? How did Kanye flop when his album was was streaming only and still made it to it to #1?? And he doubled Tidal…
RT @Alexioni_: Your MCM's football club is playing today.
I don't see anybody saying they gonna protest the NFL after Josh Brown's story..but y'all was quick to say that for Kapernick kneeing..📝📝📝
RT @marilyn_payne: Clayton scores w/ 11 sec to play, beats South Johnston 26-25 in @Coach_Jenks debut vs. old team. #MNF with drama!
RT @DrVershinina: Jackie Jenks @Leapfrog_M - do minority businesses understand rules of the game when it comes to procurement to larg…
@charliesheen @RickRoswell @Indians Bring the whole cast together. It would give the Indians good mojo
RT @marilyn_payne: Clayton scores w/ 11 sec to play, beats South Johnston 26-25 in @Coach_Jenks debut vs. old team. #MNF with drama!
RT @mikefreemanNFL: Wish some people got as upset over the Josh Brown's of the NFL, as they did over players dancing after a TD, or peacefully protesting,
RT @LosReedriguez: Ray rice, Greg hardy, all lost their NFL privileges for hitting their woman, but josh brown only got 1 game suspension bruh
RT @Its_Reece: Josh Brown stands up for the anthem so I guess it's ok that he beat his wife on the regular
RT @barstoolsports: NFL security reportedly once had to move Josh Brown's wife to a separate hotel that he wouldn't know about…
RT @FlREMcCarthy: How can you give Josh Brown a 2nd Chance but not Ray Rice even though hes truly sorry and offered to donate his salary to domestic violence?
RT @Ironhead334: Josh Brown, serial domestic abuser, 1 game. Tom Brady & Ideal Gas Law, generally aware, 4 games. The Maras = aware of Josh Brown's abuse.
RT @The_SportsPaige: So, #NFL is worried about TD celebrations/ role models. Hmmm... doesn't get any worse of role model than Josh Brown. #wakeup
RT @ChrisCarlinSNY: Pink on every NFL field and uniform this month, but Josh Brown is still on a roster. Dear NFL: Please stop pretending you care about women.