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RT @NFL_Memes: "First one to recover gets drafted by the Cleveland Browns"
RT @scdotlutz: "People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get." -Frederick D…
RT @No_HabloIngle: So it got a Puerto Rican mode
@_just_jenks Malc get off tip lmao
Mallett: Jantjies errors proved costly (via ) @SkyTshabalala @darrenmaule @gazza_jenks thoughts?
Free my nigga jenks swear to god he be hoeing niggas
RT @okprepstv: History last night: Jenks 0-3 for 1st time since 1968. Union's 59 points were the most against Jenks ever. #OKPreps
RT @UHypeCrew: We're ready to BEAT Jenks!!!! #UnionFB
RT @Dodgers: Late night baseball. Who's bringing the ☕️?
@ChristianBC_16 Did he get the death penalty?
RT @LilyxMansfield: @spencerjeremy53 @ManyVids Thanks Jenks!💋
@spencerjeremy53 @ManyVids Thanks Jenks!💋
@_KelseyMaggart is this subtweeting Ted Cruz
@_DowngoesFraser It's simple fam. Hashtags are key.
RT @thegreatkhalid: young dumb broke (college) kids
RT @backlon: Well Ted Cruz is not going to …LIKE… his day tomorrow.
RT @akidmartian: big ol doinks in amish
RT @ashdandy17: g a m e d a y AWAY against Jenks 4,5,6 @NormanNorthVB
RT @ashdandy17: g a m e d a y AWAY against Jenks 4,5,6 @NormanNorthVB
@jei_jenks 😘😘😘
RT @ChrisEvans: This is awesome.
@AVIRxo Leaning towards that in truth
RT @MAXDTHEGAWD: Goodnight to nobody but Hillary Duff. To you my cinnamon apple I wish the best night ever