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We are never just good or just bad. We are mosaics of our worst selves and our best selves, our deepest secrets and…
We think we know someone, but the truth is that we only know the version of them they have chosen to show us...desp…
@bethan_jenks sleepover club
RT @jenks_y: @RealPaigeWWE @kiimmyyyy @lechappell Yes your coming back 💜💜
@RealPaigeWWE @kiimmyyyy @lechappell Yes your coming back 💜💜
RT @ambermxe: When someone says something about the way you look it sticks in your head for ages 🙄😕
RT @savirae01: Preston Holder Jenks High School 205 East B Street Jenks, OK 74037 Soooo disappointed to go to school with trash li…
Guess dean blandino called in a favor and asked he refs to save Dallas about 15-20 seconds
The Winchester Health Dept. will hold its final public flu clinic Monday, Nov 13 from 6-8pm at the Jenks Senior Center. Anyone 6 months and
RT @ABC: 1st Sikh mayor in NJ history says his election win 'represents the American dream.' "If you work hard and you’re qu…
@Br1Porzio @KVZ_MILLWALL ¿Ese partido de la mano de Henry?
@Darryl_Jenks @KVZ_MILLWALL La anterior fue Eire ahora es la del Norte
@Br1Porzio @KVZ_MILLWALL ¿Otra vez a los irlandeses se los están garchando?
RT @gabrielwingchun: ¿Sabes más de fútbol o de derecho penal? #EnBuenChileno #FelizDomingo
@gabrielwingchun @Chumanga33 Complicá la pregunta...
@sofia_jenks Parlando con Cecilia che stasera sta mangiando tanto.. ironicamente ha detto così. Un piccolo uomo
RT @jaysonhb: PR by a second. @ Jenks Aquatic Center
RT @jaysonhb: #GASCAshlyn first competitive butterfly. @ Jenks Aquatic Center
@SilviaMengiGiur Riferito a chi???
There is a dream team brewing at West Ham. First Moyes, now Irvine and Pearce, proper old school.
RT @jaysonhb: #GASCAshlyn 50 breast is one of her favorites. @ Jenks Aquatic Center
RT @jaysonhb: #GASCAshlyn go go baby girl @ Jenks Aquatic Center
One dead, another hospitalized after two-vehicle crash on Glenpool-Jenks border