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@NanyMTV jemmye I'm guessing
@RealityRadioPod @JustJem24 Didnt Jemmye gave Leroy a bj on exes 2 with her ex infront and leroy having a gf at home? She is the last
LAX->Dallas->NOLA baby *insert jemmye voice here*
jemmye just retweeted this guy i liked in college wtf!
Jemmye now has a little brother hedgie thanks to sierramae_sk ... Too bad its not a real one but…
Jemmye you're on a roll👏👏👏 Literally took the words right out of my mouth😂😒
why MTV has never let Jemmye host a reunion still confuses me
Got this song called "Jemmye" coming out real soon be on the look out 😏