Tweets about a recent trend: Jello

@HankimusPrime7 Is this my version of covfefe? And hold the hello for the jello molds
RT @chickmiko: I hear inmates use Jello pudding pops for (fill in the blank) inside 😉
@PragueArtist Probably have Jello tomorrow. 😬
@tictoc Let's send him some jello
I wonder if they serve Jello in jail 😙
@mzberlinonline The Jello Pudding references have not been as rampant as I thought they would be today.
Man! it came to this at the end. The Jello Pudding!
RT @tgrlzcom: Kim Carta Twerking that Jello booty @lithium66 @heart_attack_Q @kittysilk7 @pic_poster @adultparody @jockosrocket…
No one defended jello pudding bandit on my TL. I follow the right people. Now back to this burrito.
@AP Someone’s having jello pudding tonight.
Jello Pudding commercial Bill Cosby 1987 via @YouTube
RT @BarkyBoogz: They not even finna say hello before they dig in the Jello, Bill.
@MacEngelProf @RadioWyatt No pudding pops or Jello where he’s going....
I feel weird as fuck about all the jello pudding pops I consumed as a kid
Wait....Did something happen?? My Jello-Pudding stock $$$ just shit the bed!
RT @PopeyeBiscut: Also Jello pudding pops were nasty and they were messy as fuck.
Dear Bill, You may not want to make room for JELL-0 where you’re going. (graphic by If It’s Hip It’s Here)…
I think "Jello Pudding" means something different in jail
RT @WWA_Awareness: Did you know? Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, bones with water from cows and p…
RT @kathygriffin: Bill Cosby can have all the Jello he wants while he rots in prison.