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@celebrityhottub Nanni you are no Jeff Goldblum
@blackfire5561 thats my go to and it always works! Im lulled to sleep by young jeff goldblum saying snarky things in jurassic park
Why is everyone on facebook trying to sell me leggings
I like to leave little notes for myself: "Get to know Jeff Goldblum and do laundry."
RT @Henry_3k: Jeff Goldblum comes to read The Gift of The Magi but pauses occasionally to say: "Hear that? It's an impact tremor. I'm fairly alarmed here"
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, '78 has Jeff Goldblum and we have been blessed
"Maaan fuck Jeff Goldblum"
RT @henryhitchings: What I've always wanted. The Jeff Goldblum shower curtain.
jeff goldblum... always watching
Jeff Goldblum circa 1995 was sexy AF
RT @EFirst87: There should be a Jeff Goldblum option for Siri: "Quit Safari... now that's what I should have done in Jurassic Park, am I right folks?"
RT @l1sapower: Custom Goldblum couture by Hallie & Alessandra
I just realized I love Jeff Goldblum and it's because of one movie from my childhood Jurassic Park. I know nothing about him. But I love him
I liked a @YouTube video Independence Day 1996 Full Movies HD Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum
In Turkey, U. Every single gesture jeff goldblum does is perfect. #brokens
@stef_mooney Go spread some ketchup on the floor of mall of America
RT @Ant_F3ltz: I'm pretty full of myself, but not Jeff Goldblum full of myself.
The job posting at The Fly is about finance news, not the Jeff Goldblum movie. 😣
RT @SamGrittner: Jeff Goldblum always looks like he's deciding on a fair price for a garage sale item.