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Jeff Bridges searches for peace in Trump's America, come 'Hell or High Water'
Rando: ultimate living Hollywood crush? Me: Jeff Bridges Rando: you mean like, young Jeff…
RT @THR: Kerry Washington, Jeff Bridges, Ellie Kemper open #SAGawards - “I’m an actor.”
#Fashion The Muse (#DVD '00) #SharonStone Jeff Bridges A. Brooks A. MacDowell See Details
My best support actor #Oscars2017 winner is a choice between Dev Patel for #lionmovie and Jeff Bridges #HellOnHighWater 🏆
@danharmon Your avi, when small, looks similar to Jeff Bridges' and I keep thinking your tweets are his. They're kinda even funnier that way
RT @JulieMartinSVU: Is calling Trump "Bad Dude" in any way insulting to Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski? Probably not. Just checking.
@BenRothenberg Absolutely Hell or High Water. Possibly my fave among Oscar noms w/ much-lauded performance by Jeff Bridges.
Jeff Bridges Channels The Dude, Tells Anti-Trump Protesters This Will Not Stand
RT @yojudenz: Jeff Bridges: “I’m Rooting For Trump”
Jeff Bridges: “I’m Rooting For Trump”
Jeff Bridges: 'This aggression will not stand'
Gil Birmingham & Jeff Bridges Interview Hell or High Water
RT @THR: Actor Roundtable alums Dev Patel, Mahershala Ali (and Jeff Bridges!) meet up on the #SAGawards red carpet.
.@YouTube destaques pra Jeff Bridges, muito mestre e tranquilo; Mahershala Ali, afiadíssimo; e pros deslumbres de D…
Gil Birmingham & Jeff Bridges Interview Hell or High Water: via @YouTube
RT @dlerer: Volví a ver Hell or High Water ocho meses después Cannes. Increíble película. Jeff Bridges, antológico...
@TheJeffBridges Hello, Jeff Bridges - you're a stupendous actor. I have enjoyed your work and would be delighted to make your acquaintance.
Triple H looks like Jeff bridges at Iron Man. #RAW