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RT @TeeHatch____: i can’t love in these conditions, always end up a victim !! 🎯
RT @wjepapillon: the way jackson noticed the fan was wearing adidas too and went "oh! adidas" at the end nn i love him
[ชี้ชวน] ดูกล้ามท้อง เอ้ย ดูไลน์เต้นบินนี่ ผอมมาก กล้ามท้องเห็นเลข 11 เบาๆ ยังไม่ชัดมาก ละสายตาจากพี่มี่มาดูกล้าม…
RT @everlasting506: baekhyun knows that EXO is being called as the ‘Nation’s Pick’ & he says the reason is because of their worldwide f…
RT @beamiller: every time i stop tearing up i start crying again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME IT MEANS EVERYTHING. i hope you love this album.
@CassySolenn Ganyan ko sila ka love kahit malayo alam ko parin aura nila😄🤣🤣
RT @polls4teens: I love Niam!!! 😍🔥 This makes me so unbelievably happy!! #Brits2018 #Brits ◟̽◞̽ #BestSoloBreakout…
RT @BabyAnimalPics: imagine explaining to someone that your dog’s love life is going better than yours.
RT @islamicfreedom: How to get close to Allah? 1. Love those who love Allah 2. Say Salam to everyone 3. Pray for others 4. Share this tweet 😉 #ISLAM
RT @TheOpinionistPH: Mahal ka namin, @maymayentrata07! Patuloy mo kaming pasayahin! Love and Live the dream! #MAYMAYLivingTheDream
RT @yuuki212: 「惜しかったね」と他社のカメラマンに声をかけられます。地元紙として追い続け、この舞台でこの喜びの表情を見ることができました。本当に素晴らしかった。 #宮原知子 #平昌五輪
RT @xMekaRICH_: getchu a nigga who’s not perfect but he gon change some shit up to make you happy, off the strength that he really love & fuck with you.
RT @btschartdata: 🇺🇸iTunes US: #7 Agust D - Agust D [-4] #177 BTS - Love Yourself: Her [NEW]
RT @MaritessAquino2: #IANUProtector i feel so 😢 sad naman Geneva love na love mo talaga si Sidney
RT @donghyucked: imagine being this close to the love of your life :---(
Absolutely love getting these brushes 😍😍😍
@_LovelyShihani Awww I love you more 🙊🙊😘😘🙊
Okay so I love eating in bed but I question myself when I DROP A WHOLE PIECE OF CHICKEN ON MY BED #Foodie #Moon #Taurus
@KallumBlake28 Love someone to give him the job and get relegated