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boyfriEND girlfriEND friEND riki only riki has no END. riki will always stay by your side. RT to spread the heropon's love
Who are the people who make you love to live in Hammersmith & Fulham? Why not nominate them for the H&F Civic Honou…
hi i love u — hi i love u too
RT @ILoveBeinBlack: Who remember this scene from flavor of love 😂😂” I don’t know what’s going in your mouth “
RT @maddie_royce: I’m trying to be better about updating my IG, although it’s difficult when they’re cracking down so hard. Give me…
If someone buys me one... I’ll love you forever😭😭 help a brotha out
RT @amberrfosterr: I overthink, I over-care, I over-love
@funder @DevinNunes 250M is the MAGAt magic number. That maroon from Covington Catholic is suing WaPo for the same…
RT @_nuna_V: [PREVIEW] 190320 Love Yourself Tour in HongKong 어부바❤ #태형 #taehyung #BTSV #방탄소년단뷔 @BTS_twt
@MollyMcKew Love to indulge in rage over the worst foreign policy disaster of my lifetime, which was sold on lies,…
RT @trishapaytas: Why do I feel like I got proposed to 😭😭😭😭 I’m legit over the moon. I love LOVE !!!!!!!! Fuuuck. This is the best day ever hahaha
RT @kookbeingextra: jungkook sneezing in the middle of singing love myself 🥺🥺 PLS HE IS THE CUTEST BABY @BTS_twt
@HarriettSG @ShortStopsUK Yes! Gardam always gives me the creeps. I will try to get hold of Pangbourne. And I love Anne Enright.
RT @a7mdf7: i wanna be with somebody that's still gonna love me and respect me when shit gets rough between us two.
RT @armani_janae: How you say one love and you a hater
RT @ivieani: Here's Megan Thee Stallion on having Q-Tip as a mentor, her love for anime, and how she got so good at freestyling.…
I love Aiko Umesawa!
Super exciting news from @LBardugo! We love the US cover for #NinthHouse and can’t wait to reveal our own for all o…