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Jedward - Waterline 🇮🇪 - I like the staging but like - how did this qualify and Playing With Numbers didn't - still better than Lipstick
RT @vrsaIjkosime: Kad me pitaju dal sam dobro nakon odlaska Čarlija i Mandže
RT @Rosemaryswf: @thetomcridland I love my Jedward T-shirt 💕
RT @erin_lightbxdy: Fully just drove past jedward pahahaha who are they then
@Jedward_BAE All I said was they are still around pahahah pipe down
@erin_lightbxdy jedward are super sensitiv to being bullied like this how wud u feel beeing seen
@LisaHafey @erin_lightbxdy @ChloeReading9 it wasn’t excitement lisa it was shock, literally none of us knew jedward…
RT @BTS_Billboard: [🗳️ VOTE ] We vote #FFGroupBTS #iHeartRadioMMVAs #MMVAs (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ @BTS_twt
@erin_lightbxdy jedward stans exist according to your mentions, jesus 😩😩😩
@erin_lightbxdy you’ve triggered so many jedward stans snsksk
@erin_lightbxdy So you’re not enjoying an infringement on your privacy? Maybe you know how Jedward feel then! Have…
@kanginpoIe @GaemGyu the reason he doesnt update us on enlistment is because hes using this time to become a fansit…
@thetomcridland I’ve got quite a lot of band tshirts but I love my Jedward tshirts most of all!
Fully just drove past jedward pahahaha who are they then
@normanovwingate As I say it’s just my opinion. Not sure what sales have to do with it. Jedward sold records.
ok so i travel 300 miles to see phil and all he wants to do is watch 'Jedward let loose' >_>
RT @BTS_twt: ☺️👋 마지막 사진 누굴까요 #JIMIN #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' #ㅉ
RT @BTS__Europe: .@YouTube IG update Monday mood? Waiting patiently for BTS’s new album like Jin in the LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epi…
RT @gcfshobi: Are you guys ready to support Bangtan through the said controversy this new album is going to bring? I am. They’re…
There's still time to vote for JEDWARD LIPSTICK!!!!
RT @BTSEuropeARMY: PS: did you notice Jin is beyond/ahead the cameras & not having them pointed right on him as for example RM has?…