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RT @SeIenaGomezBae: Kim Kardashian FLIPS OUT At Her Sisters & Spills "Weird" Facts https://t.co/gwe3JPprfk
RT @SeIenaGomezBae: 10 MORE Celebs Set To Give Birth In 2017 https://t.co/RHUwb5ZVCZ
RT @SeIenaGomezBae: I know you're sorry, but I just don't know if that's good enough.
RT @SeIenaGomezBae: I'm pretty sure if I didn't always text you first we would never talk again.
RT @BrunoMars_NYC: Ariana Grande Pregnant? Harry Styles https://t.co/cd7ZWOvfh7
RT @BrunoMars_NYC: Call her beautiful, especially when she least expects it.
RT @daveweigel: tfw you have “Trump That Bitch” and “F**k Your Feelings” T-shirts but say liberals are losing you with their rudene… https://t.co/0W7IYXmG2c
RT @BrunoMars_NYC: Head up, stay strong. Fake a smile, move on..
RT @KendrickLamarNC: Beyonce's Coachella Plans Still In Motion With TWO Big Surprises https://t.co/EhH0RlBFmF
RT @KendrickLamarNC: Tom Hiddleston BREAKS Silence On Taylor Swift Relationship https://t.co/lxWUovaU6E
No way, Jose. Could write a book called "The Things Hoes Say"
RT @KendrickLamarNC: When someone fucks you over, you change.
RT @KendrickLamarNC: You'll be my biggest mistake, but also the best thing I'll never regret.
RT @iRealFrankOcean: Justin Bieber Under Investigation For HEADBUTTING A Man. https://t.co/hSsQKjNwnh
RT @iRealFrankOcean: Camila Cabello Teams Up With Cashmere Cat On "Love Incredible". https://t.co/hErN5hN2lU
RT @iRealFrankOcean: "nevermind" = you should've listened the first fucking time.
RT @iRealFrankOcean: Treat your girl right, or sit back and watch someone else do it for you.
RT @JustinBieberQLD: Watch Lady Gaga's flawless Super Bowl half-time performance https://t.co/7eVCSFHz0q
RT @JustinBieberQLD: Jennifer Lopez shows Drake what he's missing https://t.co/s90VCgVOH1
jcole's playlist while im doing our thesis questionnaire 🔥
RT @JustinBieberQLD: I no longer give a fuck. Well I do, but fuck it.
RT @JustinBieberQLD: I want to meet myself from someone else's point of view
RT @MarilynMonroeDC: Kim Kardashian flashes boobs in sheer purple top https://t.co/1QPiAg81SF
RT @MarilynMonroeDC: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, confirms she's PREGNANT with fiance https://t.co/iohQGrxSIF