RT @StreamBeautiful: Justin Bieber 'drops microphone and storms off stage in Manchester' https://t.co/9A4eX7IQv2
RT @Magic_Belle: 2. Justin Bieber นังเด๋อ *ตบตี* https://t.co/GquSWii9rR
RT @FlorDeBelieber: ¿Dices que Justin Bieber no ama a sus Beliebers? ¿Quieres que te cuente TODO lo que él ha hecho por nosotras? 👇… https://t.co/sXPt2J9yuS
RT @bieber_japan: ジャスティンはリヴァプールのParr Street Studiosでレコーディングを行なった。 レコーディングは約8時間にも及んだようです!!! https://t.co/KtfUS9xcMJ
RT @harmoniousbiebs: so misunderstood and used. justin drew bieber. https://t.co/cjCi1Uceih
RT @STVLINS0N: that moment when justin bieber vuole sentirsi harry styles per zittire la folla ma niente finisce tutto con #RespectJustin in tendenza
RT @drakenextdoor: justin bieber a full blown crackhead how u gon tell people to stop being loud at a concert https://t.co/xrvf1LDxcG
RT @amee_townsend: Does Justin Bieber really expect his fans not to scream when he's on stage wow he's so immature and pathetic😂😩😂
RT @Musicnews_feed: Justin Bieber leaving his concert tonight 😳 https://t.co/uTPjRo6EZY
RT @missnosorry: e se justin bieber não inventou a preciosidade então eu não sei quem foi https://t.co/zBSWu9axzU
justin bieber
RT @coobcakes: oh my god maachan talks about wanting justin bieber to know who MM'16 is for like an entire page in that billboard japan interview
RT @actualdrew: And do you recognize that the hashtag says #RespectJustin ? Not Bieber, the brand. Justin. A human being with feelings, just like you and me
justin bieber left the stage again HAHA
指原莉乃. Justin Bieber. Love you.🐥💕 https://t.co/sDCkSElCyK
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RT @MARKNOLAND_: [CAP] 161024 เจโน่เล่นกีต้าร์เพลง love yourself ของ justin bieber ค่ะ เท่มากๆเลย 😍 #JENO #NCT_DREAM https://t.co/9rgjkiLZt2
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Justin Bieber muito otario
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RT @amb3r98: Justin Bieber last night😂😂 what a fucking wet wipe! You do realise your fans are going to scream excitedly when they paid to see you?
RT @JustinBiebsGang: Why would you go to a Justin Bieber concert and not want him to interact with y'all? I don't get those people