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A dreamy haze settles over your day, glossing over nettlesome ... More for Taurus https://t.co/a1phFR8sAt
RT @RAJIEEMSHINDE: #PTCPunjabiMusicAwards Award for the "Best Duo Group" goes to Jazzy B, Kaur B, Amrit Maan for the song Shikaar &... https://t.co/y84i10H9Ea
Guano Apes ★ Massendefekt ★ Milliarden ★ My´Tallica ★ Kafvka ★ Antillectual ★ Moderiert von Jazzy Gudd ► Tickets:... https://t.co/C2wrHJrLtC
@Jazzy_Fitness Ayyyye 🥃🕺🏾
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/IjMkoeSkyt Beat Therapy Part 13 - Jazzy/Trip Hop/Breakbeat & World Culture Mix
Don Jazzy Moves From Beat Making To Become Music Video Director https://t.co/Cp8LrzxDT3 https://t.co/hKPFheNrMo
https://t.co/pEutPN2u4Z❤ Don Jazzy Slams Lady Who Dared To Insult His New Artistes https://t.co/Uv6JoBRVPw Like& Sh… https://t.co/rJtkXaj0X9
@Mysteriousdbzgt I will say >more suffering asi es la vida camarada Jazzy, cruel y despiadada ;;
PIB NEWS: Don Jazzy Slams Lady Who Dared To Insult His New Artistes https://t.co/7oVGkFrWIb LIKE & SHARE https://t.co/6oFxQn6Ddu
PIB NEWS: Don Jazzy Slams Lady Who Dared To Insult His New Artistes https://t.co/r3Sph8ZO7u LIKE & SHARE https://t.co/jhWJQK104S
Jazzy B - Hurrr on https://t.co/NB2eN2pBmd Radio - Non Stop #Bhangra and #Punjabi Songs! Listen Now Here: https://t.co/eNW2hksTpK
jazzy woke me up 3 times like sis what's the problem
RT @beenflatline: "team bieber já chegou" "justin pode chegar hoje ou amanhã" "jaxon e jazzy virão também" "5 dias pro show"… https://t.co/HABTevdOu4
Yes, Nice Jazzy, Rainy Days & Nights!😎 https://t.co/2i7F3Ap2my
Taxi ride givaway New York City! Big savings from Lyft trumps Uber. Lyft credit code GUESTS is a killer promo. Jazzy promo.
RT @ProjetoTagsJB: "HAILEY, JAZZY E JAXON, AMIGOS DO JUSTIN" E NOIS TA COMO? #WelcomeToBrazilTeamBieber https://t.co/FqWnOL6Xvb
Off to New Hampshire to have breakfast with @JEMoody_ , then off to Vermont 😛
RT @BieberSideBR: Se a Jazzy vier junto eu vou morrer! O jaxon então? Meu segundo Crush! #JFCJustinBieber
You're looking forward to catching up with your tribe, but in ... More for Gemini https://t.co/sIsOPi5KX5
RT @nacao_bieber: A Team Bieber já se encontra no hotel, que venha, Hailey, Jazzy, Jaxon, e o Justin! #WelcomeToBrazilTeamBieber
I also like wearing snazzy, jazzy hats. It's a win-win situation