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Jazzy got outside on June 30 and we haven't seen her since. Last… https://t.co/hgBMn6ywXX
A jazzy, instrumental track of the Wild Wild West theme is playing in Keke's Breakfast Cafe right now.
RT @tabithadennis: Baby, I got me. Worry about you. 👌🏼
RT @B1goingD1: When Yo Teacher Round Your F To a B And Tell You "You Owe Me One"😭😭 https://t.co/bxSiMqKkbp
@Maaritzza27 😢 I still hate u for leaving me😐
RT @MOZZIFACTORY: IBK기업은행과 함께하는 참좋은음악회 영상프리뷰 #마마무 #솔라 #MAMAMOO #SOLAR 바보같은 무무들 내가 지옥의 핫바디모찌인 줄도 모르고😏 https://t.co/DnpgVnFXTw
You long to escape the mundane routine of everyday life and wi... More for Libra https://t.co/m77n4xaXv8
i can't stop describing things as "jazzy"
@3110dam いや・・歌ってたときはそれなりに満足してるはずなので、そんな自分がくやしくてww
#TBT to Summer: New Orleans French Quarter is as Jazzy as they say it is... all the time! #travel #TravelTuesday fe… https://t.co/1ikChwdwhp
RT @ssulnoon: RT) 화사자 손거울 수량조사합니다 구매 의사 있으신 분은 참여해주세요 - https://t.co/dQrczFfgLP https://t.co/177xpBXopp
意図してなのかせずなのか、このところ全く違うフィールドに次々触手伸ばしてるように感じさせてくれるソロ楽曲が嬉しくて。 いつか jazzy なのも聴かせてね、踊ってね。
Young Wayne prepare for change, because it seems like girly don't care the same
RT @GatenM123: Just wanted to say HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! Don't let bed-head get you down! 😂 https://t.co/9QNxVTwTt2
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【新入荷!LP】NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge)/Yes Lawd!-2LP+DL CODE- | Jazzy Sport Shimokitazawa https://t.co/n8l5Z4Patw #NxWorries
RT @GreysAnatmyQ: “It’s a little bit horrifying just how quickly everything can fall into crap." - Meredith Grey
RT @beccastegmann: @jasminsamz24 miss you jazzy! hope your new school is treating you well (besides the tea of course) 😋💟
Good morning my friends. Have a jazzy day!