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RT @mrjoewalker: C/O my @liquidaemag recap of @djjazzyjeff215 at @sectionlive in #GrandRapids f/ thoughts from @PrezidentialPoe https://t.co/IJzalSzt1m
RT @and_hares: Jazzy pink and purple tweed satchel #handmade #brithour #atsocialmediart #flockbn #eshopsuk #handmade… https://t.co/qmDrK0JZgh
RT @nowthisisliving: me every time I wake up hungover: "I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing"
Meeting my baby at the Dr pray we get good news🙏🏽
RT @YourMasterJazz: New bumper stickers that will be included in my Jazzy "loser kits" 😆 DM to purchase your own custom dork kit! ❤️ https://t.co/wb58vbbhyO
RT @YourMasterJazz: PUBLIC HUMILIATION TASK: Host a "Jazzy Fundraiser". DM me for details/humiliating fundraising ideas. 😈💵
Gotta love aunty @JaBajan looking after us while mum and dad fly in a helicopter!! https://t.co/nnDXVkcBmm
RT @biebermaniasbra: @biebxsense a vinda da Jazzy não é 100% confirmada, ela só disse que gostaria de vir.
RT @SlutB2: @YourMasterJazz Goddess Jazzy now owns me and I couldn't be more thankful!
RT @ConnorFranta: new video | there's something i need to tell you.. | https://t.co/MHv9nUWIWW https://t.co/Js5Cp05scT
RT @sissiebarbie: @YourMasterJazz Oh gosh. custom Jazzy diapers 😍😍😍😍
RT @subbybitch1882: @servemissfox @YourMasterJazz it's the same here everytime I see somebody driving a Honda Jazz. Always makes me thing of Empress Jazzy 😂
@piss_urine put that cookie down - jazzy soulful smooth remix by slick.
RT @purpousetour: 46. Lembra quando Justin levou Jazzy para uma entrevista e ela tentou falar "I love you" mas não deu muito certo https://t.co/BRUdL7SDFf
RT @ShadTheGreat: i gottem feeling some type of way 🤣 they get on twitter den type away .
when you go to get out of the booth at the dinning hall and your pants rip... 🙈🙈
Lol! Check Out Don Jazzy hilarious birthday message to Banky W https://t.co/y15RlyLGTp https://t.co/5R8muVqr7y
@Jazzy_Blow lol fr tho like bitch cmon knock it off