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@KKolasa92 @LordKoks @p_wasowski To musi byc jakis dłuższy konflikt. Dłuższy niż się nam wydaje,i międzynarodowy… https://t.co/AYPFbY0qe7
@TaylorChristy "Proudly concerned" is the term we will go with. Thats your morning advice from Bradley's Hits @ 6. Stay Jazzy Tallahassee!
Jazzy B - Saanu Rab Ne Banaye Maharaje - Maharaja's
RT @etnow: Here's what @Beyonce did NOT eat while preparing for her #Homecoming performance. https://t.co/beiqWSM1u2
RT @J_Kwest: @FUNSize_Jazzy Good Morning Big Head 🙋‍♂️
RT @netflix: Everyone, especially the hive, our servers are ready. I got you. WE READY 🐝🐝🐝 #BeyoncéHomecoming
RT @netflix: It’s time for Homecoming. An experience unlike any other is now streaming. #BeyoncéHomecoming https://t.co/UQgAzcWBRL
RT @ABC7NY: NASA schedules record flight for astronaut Christina Koch https://t.co/5qb1pM8a8x https://t.co/zcpyqNv7U9
RT @atspace: ONE DAY, WE GOTTA TALK ABOUT HOW TOXIC MOTHERS ARE JUST AS BAD AS ABSENT FATHERS... but not today lmao https://t.co/9SccNNyc8i
@yourgodjazzy Your subs are always looking like something out of a Rob Zombie movie... Jazzy's House of 1000 Lose… https://t.co/Lq4qu0fS4H
@miZs_jAZZy A down payment on a house & I really wish that I was exaggerating. smh
オンエア曲[2019/04/17 21:54] Jazzy Night / 南 佳孝 #fmcocolo765 ●Radikoタイムフリーで聴く↓ https://t.co/Bqs2wo5zKK ●iTunesで試聴↓https://t.co/aZbhh0xXeZ
RT @NicolaScottArt: Recently stolen by mysterious lady cat-burglar. https://t.co/HPbZSiaS96
@soraotobitai072 @smith796000 @jazzy_saxophone 災いしかない法案です。 止めて下さい。
@Jazzy_Gabert @KairiSaneWWE I hope that @QoSBaszler gets to join her as well. I thought that this feud was even bet… https://t.co/xAJjheVZsu
Beyoncé’s whole homecoming theme was genius ! Loved everything about it !
RT @CaroleTBeers: Just out and riding hard for jackpots, justice, jazzy action and juicy reviews. Got Pepper? Night Rides (Pepper Kan… https://t.co/AjYxq1Pa62
RT @bethanievera: This is every lactose intolerant person I’ve ever met. None of y’all care about yourselves 💀 https://t.co/iDnVhVVTxk
Check this out! TheWaj Chok’s JAZZY KIENT FREESTYLE https://t.co/2fzRbHqeCv