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RT @Cash_Chosen1: @breakfastclubam Thanks to Jayz and check me ppl I'ma #hiphopartist out of Washington DC I go by Young Cash smooth… https://t.co/HXFP6FuXEI
RT @Grass_Cat_: 아 트리 하우스 휴다토스 박스 드랍이래. 그럼 언젠가는 먹겠군... https://t.co/MEWS3lTX8i
jayz that niggah to me idc what no one says
Listen u want Jayz on ur te he gets shit done https://t.co/gAFB4vg0Sp
Me at the gym to day listening to @Beyonce & Jayz https://t.co/1kPlUziACQ
JayZ killed “I Know”. Forever 🔥.
"#God forgive me for my brash delivery/But I remember vividly/What these streets did to me/So picture me/Lettin these clowns nitpick at me"
RT @beyhouse: duvido q o jayz tenha tomado um sacode na vida mais forte q esse https://t.co/g45lDW1fDo
I know - JayZ ft Pharell, verse 3. Realest. Ever! Anybody whose been left suddenly can feel that one! 😩💔
@_theodox13 G mines that Otis - JayZ .. i think jay z sings it.. thanks for asking uce
No entiendo como Jayz le fué infiel a este mujeron... 👀 https://t.co/j0XHyymBfs
@Complex Jayz appoints lawyers to defend 21 1 week later 21 is realized 😂
@SaRaAshcraft @CoryBooker @Beyonce @jayz Well, I think that wraps it up. Either SaraAshcraft was long running hone… https://t.co/eGkB6EgSWW
@VanLathan You laugh at JayZ? He had it in a whole song “Excuse Me Miss” lmaaoo
me desculpa jayz, queria ser você, minha vida tá chata
Jayz come fass 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 https://t.co/sZn41B3MHu