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special track recommendation for ladies n jaywalkers ((02 i dont disappoint)) 박재범 – EVERYTHING… https://t.co/Mg00XcxouX
@jenniferdeannex They actually say not to stop for jaywalkers so if you hit them it is their fault. Not yours.
#Jaywalkers - A group of people oblivious to their environment & focused on getting to where they need to be… https://t.co/HQmrEzxZFq
RT @dorothea30519: China jaywalkers given instant road safety lesson
Only a couple days left to register for Jr Jaywalkers!https://t.co/ZvTVTe1EGa https://t.co/YUsPTyKSF3
@ADrauglis Thank God drivers provide a buffer and keep scofflaw cyclists (and jaywalkers) honest!
@icoleman or on the 98% of cyclists who, when they run a red light, aren't doing anything unsafe. Kinda like 98% of jaywalkers.
"We are more concerned about cops handing out tickets to jaywalkers than enhancing campus security at night" https://t.co/DSE5olTMcU
RT @KAMalerts: "@KalinWhite & @justinsaul_ Chopping it up about future collaborations. #jaywalkers #bts..."-jaywalkerclothing IG https://t.co/H0nqbsXjtP
@680NEWS I hope drivers don't get charge just as the cop when they hit jaywalkers. Jaywalkers also get me sick. They put others at risk.
Listening to - Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers ~~ If You Love me #nowplaying
If jaywalkers don't care about their own lives, what makes you think they care about kids? Today's jaywalker might be tomorrow's kidnapper.
Let's imprison people because we're not sure if they'll kill. Also works for potential jaywalkers. https://t.co/JobSi0JvpP
"Try a lesser crime, like.... jaywalkers or money launderers. I could take them." https://t.co/8OeJcYhjfU
Officials hope decals curb jaywalkers on busy Las Vegas street - KLAS-TV https://t.co/cE46ss4mPB
I have seen too many close calls with jaywalkers & they act like they were on the right of way #LasVegas https://t.co/XB1ZMPfBwY
Officials Hope Decals Curb Jaywalkers On Busy Las Vegas Street https://t.co/wzgapaUeP3 via @addthis
RT @KTNV: Officials hope decals curb jaywalkers on busy #LasVegas street https://t.co/qvsI7oocCz
Officials hope decals curb jaywalkers on busy #LasVegas street https://t.co/qvsI7oocCz
Aye I am sick of jaywalkers. When you get hit you gon wish yo ass never did it
@Sandra_Cole44 especially by someone who is paid to be aware of surroundings(def of 'patrol') # Of jaywalkers/ # that get hit
@Sandra_Cole44 my point is police do things to people when they know there will b no repercussions,2 ans your ? Jaywalkers seldom get hit1/2
#Montreal drivers are bad, but they'll put up with jaywalkers, in #Toronto they're psychos, they'll run you over. They'll kill you.