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Ahh, I got you. The guy who, at age 30, is putting up prime Jayson Williams numbers. https://t.co/9BtNOpARCn
@jimrome @KyleBrandt Rome I have to disagree with you Getting a designated driver is NOT ALWAYS the BEST solution. Sincerely Jayson Williams
Ex-NBA player Jayson Williams: Re-entry tougher than serving time - News - https://t.co/NFluB0yMBZ https://t.co/9DTEAQ1nQz via @sharethis
Jayson Williams Gilberto Beckford Xuso https://t.co/XIjwYxpXOe
It's a sin to swear. - Jayson Williams (Athlete) #athletequotes #famous #vip
@sk40_reignman no way RIP jayson williams!!!!
Jayson Williams was the best, skill for skill point guard I ever saw. The Jordan of point guards.
my lrt is rlly the Jayson Williams????
@KristineLeahy one of the few guys in the league with flavor where's jayson Williams when you need em
Autographed Jayson Williams Nets jersey for 10 bucks on ebay. Made out to Jennifer. lol I wanna cop.
Jayson Williams. Gilberto Beckford. Chekea https://t.co/oXxgtqVoba
other NBA people I met that summer: Wilt, Jayson Williams, Anthony Mason, Marty Conlon
@JoeandEvan There already was a Jayson Williams bobblehead doll. Made when he owned the NY indoor lacrosse team. https://t.co/n4yrXlTw5L
@bryantw820 @ReggieMillerTNT @StephenCurry30 pass Like Pistol Pete And Like Jayson Williams White Chocolate a Wizard
Jayson Williams Gilberto Beckford ni lo hagas o te pasara esto https://t.co/viUBwnHU4k
Jayson Williams added a connection you may know https://t.co/MmOBfmEeHv