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RT @defdandaniel: can you believe singapore is so small but no one saw jay park or dpr??
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Z16K0XVRgX Avatar Darko - C U When I C U (Feat. Jay Park) (Prod. BOYCOLD) M/V (SUB KOR/ENG)
Jay Park ( ft. Loco & Gray ) - My Last ❤
Y’all over here disrespectful as hell to the AOMG artists coming to USA and Canada. “Where’s Jay Park???” Is that a… https://t.co/HZo3BoHbuG
RT @theJ_Effect: I love Jay Park version of 'Late Night'~😄 Ohhh, I love his laughter more.💕 https://t.co/XFYCBK1JMn
@lovlyjjk Hmm how about Ateez - Treasure , Pirate King (in general the whole album) K.will - Beautiful moment Kris… https://t.co/PcoTfEJe4j
RT @JWalkerzAUS: [VID] Avatar Darko on Instagram Live with Jay Park #박재범 181306 Full 👉 https://t.co/xXqnEdSIzM via jay JOAH https://t.co/ProojWaKfa
2 Years in a Row: Don't Forget - Crush and Taeyeon Kismet - Silent Sanctuary Your Song - Parokya Ni Edgar D (Half… https://t.co/btEKoJVEKt
cant believe 2pm voted to boot jay park out of the group 😭😭
RT @KOCHIES_: ตอนนี้คือชอบอันนี้สุดจากเพลง Dank- Jay Park ท่อน fuck a keyboard, girl you’re my type คิดได้ไง เจ๋ง ช่างแม่งแป้นพิม… https://t.co/YcmwD1CBWr
Jay park isn't going to be part of it so that means not much of a diverse crowd and Amanda and I will stick out again djdjdjsjsjsj
As long as you're not dead,your life isn't the end - Jay Park
some ref in this ---- I used Shazam to discover Yacht by Jay Park & Vic Mensa. https://t.co/9fcIFqfXe2
RT @allkpop: SM Entertainment releases the MV teaser for Coogie's 'Justin Bieber' featuring Jay Park https://t.co/ceKy0m6skF https://t.co/uabMMbxniC
RT @defdandaniel: can you believe singapore is so small but no one saw jay park or dpr??
RT @theJ_Effect: 박재범 Jay Park - So Sick (cover) / Guitar by Yohan https://t.co/bRYJ8d2ibC via @YouTube #20111224_Forgotthelyricslol… https://t.co/zPhZeS5ZfN
( 73 ) ━ ✧ : Up & Down - Jay Park feat. Dok2 https://t.co/EhZwlLYfHJ
RT @6GoToDaBiN: ตั้งสติแปป justin bieber, coogie, Jay Park , SM โอเคชื่อเพลงจัสตินบีเบอร์ ของ Coogie ฟีท.เจย์ปาร์ค โดยค่าย SM ดูอินเซปชั่น
Thank you @JAYBUMAOM for spending 15 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2018Wrappedhttps://t.co/Vy5pXxIpUn
alot of the songs sungjong has played/recommended in midnight black ended up in my spotify top songs for 2018 :O ja… https://t.co/Qn4sdqER0A
me everytime someone who isn’t jay park announces they’re coming to toronto https://t.co/B4aiUWTjh3
my top artists were twice jay park 5sos red velvet and blackpink wOw nct wasnt even there
RT @JWalkerzAUS: [IGSTORY] Debbie shares a video of Jay Park #박재범 coming closer to show her his dance moves 👉… https://t.co/ZEobd92Axs
RT @spanish_btss: En conclusión, si la comunidad kpop puede diferenciar que IU, Jay Park, Tiger JK, BB4 o Tasha como artistas coreano… https://t.co/qgeiIYqSU4