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Yes and it’s from the Jaws novel the sub plot that Ellen Brody had an affair with Hooper imo should’ve been in the… https://t.co/1gEPLLPsX9
내가 과학쌤한테 느끼는 감정이 스퀴시인가? 존나 의문이네... 과학쌤 존나 보기만 해도 좋고 눈 마주치면 긴장되고 말 섞으면 더 좋은데 그 이상의 감정은 아니고... 너무 혼란스럽다
【映像・システム・デザインなどの制作依頼】をしようと思ったらぜひネクスゲートの無料一括見積りサービスをご利用ください! ・マージン一切無料 ・無料で見積依頼&案件相談が可能 ・サポート体制万全 です。 #拡散希望 #拡散希望RT
With their high nose, chiseled jaws and captivating eyes - Donny, James and Dylan could pass of as triplets! If you… https://t.co/EiMCYsZoDP
With their high nose, chiseled jaws and captivating eyes - Donny, James and Dylan could pass of as triplets! If you… https://t.co/IldE9LeIs7
Up late as cuddling with cats, and Fran ;-) Tybalt then turned up with a tiy sparrow in his mouth - chased him out… https://t.co/VDUEgRiwGB
False alarm. Figured it. Swinging me cock around the kitchen now. Anyone who’s in town who wants their jaws testing @ me #realman #dadsproud
It be hard to undastand me cuz my jaws keep lockin
The boy has been back in the pool for 'training' for the last few days. Today he did 1.5k in the time it took me to… https://t.co/miWHDKCg4S
Reading a tweet about kids these days not getting the cultural references teacher make. All true. But I believe the… https://t.co/mOBVvHNydw
ALL UGANDAN MPs, Your silence is complicity, and there's nothing more you can/should do but mobilize your constitu… https://t.co/8toofdvRl8
It looked like Jaws combined with the last boss of Mega Man 7, and had seven asses. Jon fired a torpedo at one ass, and it blew up.
RT @70srockalbum: Everyone’s faces when Harry said we’re all a little gay I’m screaming we ALL had our jaws to the ground bless kc fo… https://t.co/VjSi6sMMAR
@FlamesAtGames Jaws That nigga from Discord and is now on Twitter And a writer who is well-liked in the community a… https://t.co/95Xr1Y63ME
RT @a_hosokawa: (動物福祉協会HPより)NEW!!ご意見を募集します【福井県劣悪飼育繁殖業者告発】https://t.co/mOPSgSH3es 「今回の処分に対して、異議を感じる一般の方々からのご意見を広く募集したいと考えています。」
RT @orangeb1221: 여자가 분노하면 꼭 뿔났다고 하더라. K-단골표현.... https://t.co/lxkpt89oBg
RT @a_hosokawa: (動物福祉協会HPより)NEW!!ご意見を募集します【福井県劣悪飼育繁殖業者告発】https://t.co/mOPSgSH3es 「今回の処分に対して、異議を感じる一般の方々からのご意見を広く募集したいと考えています。」
@pulpfictionaly Odd job was fine if no one was playing Jaws 😂
@gingerwizarduk I thought monster movies deserved a shout, hiding Jaws away in horror was overlooking things.
RT @Anomalo_Kao: サンタ・ジョーズ(Santa Jaws)の姿も明らかになりました サンタ帽を背ビレに被って泳いでたり、 ツノみたいなのが生えたり、 口には電飾があったり、 電飾を伸ばして人間を捕まえて海に引きずり込んだり、 ちょっと何言… https://t.co/jgQMlt0kjw
That's a hand?! I had presumed that was its head, and it was opening the door with its jaws! https://t.co/swR7pQNkRt
@rapplerdotcom I feel hope in the fact that he may keel over and just die or maybe just retire all together instead… https://t.co/R1qQTGi6Un
RT @a_hosokawa: (動物福祉協会HPより)NEW!!ご意見を募集します【福井県劣悪飼育繁殖業者告発】https://t.co/mOPSgSH3es 「今回の処分に対して、異議を感じる一般の方々からのご意見を広く募集したいと考えています。」
RT @charvor: So I'm now to the point where if NVDA fails I run Narrator, whereas before last may I'd run NVDA if Jaws fell over.… https://t.co/uqQd8EFOgH