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RT @OppaSlays: yixing is back in korea 🗣 yixing is back in korea 🗣 yixing is back in korea 🗣 yixing is back in korea 🗣 yixing… https://t.co/v1wzSxuZjn
RT @yg_winnercity: [✨자카르타소식✨] 혹시나 싶어 만반의 준비를 한다고 와이파이 두개나 빌려갔는데 흑흑 혹시나 움짤을 기다렸을까 안절부절🤔 멋진 도시, 자카르타에서의 공연을 마치고 돌아왔습니다! 감사합니다💙… https://t.co/nQVIomDvF9
RT @dc00799: @thomaskaine5 Thanks to the likes of @sethmoulton and his merry band of “progressives” within the @HouseDemocrats,… https://t.co/dIQnwW2mIp
RT @ddoniolvalcroze: Alternative Poster for Jaws by illustrator Flore Maquin https://t.co/p5awcgX8kj
@Vol_Football Once again, they snatched defeat right out of the jaws of DEFEAT. I love TN. I'm getting tired watching them screw up.
LORD bless thee for a soul as every purpose cometh forth thy jaws, and five hundred thousand sheep.
RT @EXOnaverTrans: #EXO #엑소 #Kyungsoo @weareoneEXO “Swing Kids” Do Kyungsoo Even a Perfect Tap Dancer “EXO-L’s Husband/Prince”. The… https://t.co/Y3A1GNE2fr
Yieeee Bday na ni Jaws😍 Wag ka magbabago jam ah! Stay mabaitttt. Thank u sa lahat ng nilibre moooo hahahahaha. Lab… https://t.co/6TNT042zW7
RT @exo_schedules: FLIGHT SCHEDULE | 181118 ✈️ #EXO #LAYZHANG ■ LAY Beijing, CHINA (PEK) ➡️ Seoul, S.KOREA (ICN)
@PTUNE3 @Shiretoco_Jaws d(-_☆)ラジャ
Funko Reaction Jaws Shark And Quint 2015 SDCC Exclusive Bloody NIB Dragon B https://t.co/mvQN8IRTDv
RT @tbrookerart: The subunit the world needs 🌚☁️ #exo #art @weareoneEXO https://t.co/PTR1v0UBhC
RT @KhairulAbror1: Member : “Pukul berapa sekarang ?” Me: *tengok jam pukul 6.23pm Me: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t… https://t.co/Gm0VGZw2Is
RT @Heltonn_: Terbaca old conversation and then i realize how close we used to be. I wish we can go back together like the old day that we used to be
RT @SyedAttan: Gf jenis clumsy klu terlupa bwk tiket autopay jgnlah marah or sindir dia beli kismis minda. Usap kepala dia perlaha… https://t.co/aDngS1sF9j
RT @acanul_: Lecturer: "Kamu dah belajar bab ni masa sekolah menengah" Me: https://t.co/TxeE7OFXYk
RT @thedailyjaws: Practically every line is quotable, but which is your favourite line in #Jaws and why? https://t.co/sIglN20mmd
RT @UvuvwevwevOssas: *Lepas doktor check* My brain : Don't say it... Don't say it... Don't say it... Don't say it... Don't say it... Do… https://t.co/fjqJ8ubT9L
@LD__30 @MONOkinis4joon literally...if that shit break lile in jaws, whats my chance of survival. how fast can i get to the surface.
@ProfJNMoyo @ray_ndlovu @nqabamatshazi In the end, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that it is Ndlovu — and… https://t.co/Dvcup0k80Y
RT @HARUHARUs2TV5XQ: 2008年にアジア親善大使になったから、忘れてるだろうね😅😅😅(笑)一応、JAWSに乗ってるよ♥また行けたらいいねっ"((∩´︶`∩))"♡ディズニーの次はユニバに💕 https://t.co/IwDIfWGEZd
RT @DeepDishFB: Big Shoutout to @HilltoppersFB getting back to the finals and Also Coach Jaws
RT @PADI: Did you know that moray eels actually have 2 jaws? 🤯 #mindblown 📹IG user bartlukasikvideo https://t.co/MM9LLIywxb
RT @HelderBrum: Oh cool, the Canadian version of Jaws is on! http://t.co/z9cxnnEEUV