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Si pensamos en frío John Wick es el resultado de la fusión de Silvestre Stallone, Jean C. Van Damme, Chuck Norris,… https://t.co/pZE2XGcZtl
jason segel not segal
@lololololok @H3artlessSeph I love Jason Segal and his entire comedic persona
no offense but jason segal just smiled at me
@drdisrespect @itmeJP Oh god. Steven segal made shite action movies. Under siege is the only good one. Jason bourne… https://t.co/zy6JJb4vhp
@Sime0nStylites @SophieWarnes How I Met Your Mother. Long-running Friends rip-off. Launched Jason Segal. Had its mo… https://t.co/1D0IaJ2gQc
Rad Photo of the Week - This picture of Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cer… https://t.co/LzRjJANzZi
@suRYvor Jason Segal is the best
Jason Segal all over Washington Square this weekend.
I had a dream last night that I was moderating a panel with the cast of “I Love You, Man” for its anniversary, and… https://t.co/FQ7kX8G9b7
@UlrichJvV It is embarrassing but I guess there are people who cannot separate acting and real life. I was even thi… https://t.co/gyVARVgiAX
ya girl just met jason segal. that dude is tall.
walked past Jason Segal on the street in Philly & got a smile and a head nod because I didn't yell at him 😂
Just to add to the singer for #ISR He sounded much like Jason Segal doing the singing voice for Dracula the music… https://t.co/QqES6Ta8eH
i just spent 30 hours prepping five new songs for a last min audition then they only asked me to do one lmao so i’m… https://t.co/wbW9rOOSaq
Jason segal keeps randomly popping into work and saying hi to ppl he doesn’t know
whewww jason segal... i'll watch any shitty rom com for him
@Biller_Lite @_SlippinJimmy @cj_wentz Which Irish pub? Cuz I saw Jason Segal walking by when I was sitting outside… https://t.co/lSKK0xAzCU
@Jeremy_Eaton Taking one for the team. You could work at the Oscars, as a professional sit-it for Jason Segal when has to go pee.
I love Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann so much in this movie. They steal every scene that they’re in. Absolutely hysterical… https://t.co/W7x0xWpSnS
@m0rphingh0st Aaaaa watch it!! It’s so good I love jason segal!! The whole cast is amazing!!
“There's no small jobs - just small people.” GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (2010) Starring: Jack Black . Emily Blunt . Jason… https://t.co/3wWcCh1k5z
@wiibowlingfan Kacey Musgraves, Lana Del Rey, Jason Segal, Walter
@SaraNightly @kingslayer415 Can we get this season remade as an interpretive dance? Or Jason Segal could remake it… https://t.co/Y9gAfaMYTF