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@broaska só vejo por motivos de crush fortíssimo no jason bateman pq ficou ruim d++ nas temporada pós cancelamento
@maydaymindy9 Counterpart with J K Simmons, Ozark with Jason Bateman & Laura Linney
@BlueJayInfinity @cafween @NinjahMonki Haha ok. Like I said it's actually pretty good and I love Jason Bateman as a… https://t.co/oakPYDHy0r
@BlueJayInfinity @cafween @NinjahMonki The one I'm thinking about I'm pretty sure was called "the gift" on Netflix,… https://t.co/CSPpDgHNCC
RT @1981evildead: i rly am only watching arrested development bc im thirsty for jason bateman and i want to see gay gob https://t.co/JCOlk41to8
Season 5B is was way better than 4 and 5A but mainly bc Jessica Walter is a goddess, Alia Shawkat is a goddess, and… https://t.co/kXzUWBgdh4
did jason bateman and michael cera walk off set four hours early on the day they filmed the finale? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?
I don’t worry about people misinterpreting my kindness for weakness. Eu não me importo com pessoas confundindo minh… https://t.co/dCuQnvlo4D
I am so glad we have Jason Bateman
Missus comes home from weekend away and asks why I haven’t mopped the floors , had to explain I’d watched 6 games o… https://t.co/hBmB95AWeD
Batman: Jason "Bateman"??? Yo Alfredo, what would you call Jason Bateman if you were his bitch ass man servant? A… https://t.co/S7JneZXk3n
@pablum_man Yes it's good. Not typical Jason Bateman fare.
Me encanta Jason Bateman. En comedia y en drama. Estoy viendo una peli con él y Rachel McAdams que se llama "Game Night"... es un vacilón...
jason bateman is a beautiful white man no one can deny that shit
It’s AMAZING how 2007 me was surprised that Jason Bateman’s character wasn’t really Juno’s cool older friend vs how… https://t.co/l45w0oXs7e
Jason Bateman {1969} 🇺🇸 Engraçado que todo filme/série que ele faz é bom... 💕 Carinha de bonzinho https://t.co/PLAJwg1qmR
⚠ Se buscan jugadores para una noche de misterio. ¿Vienes? Hoy es NOCHE DE JUEGOS, con Rachel McAdams y Jason Bat… https://t.co/a53hDKH4RO
@batemanjason just finished binge watching Ozark and I have to admit I have developed a bit of a crush on Jason Bat… https://t.co/rlTKUg2Hb1
@TheOakLeafs It’s like the Ryan Reynolds movie where he switches places with Jason Bateman. Brown has done that with Hyman
Wanna feel old? Jason Bateman is turning 320 today
John Stamos looks like Jason Bateman John Stamos looks like Rob Lowe but Rob Lowe doesn't look like Jason Bateman
After binge watching Ozark on @netflix I’m having a difficult time watching Jason Bateman on new episodes of… https://t.co/w5kgeWMqxn
the only three white men that deserve rights: -bradley cooper -jason bateman -shrek
RT @sensitive_sammy: Jason Bateman could raw dog me and THATS the tea 😌✨✨